Hurt people reveal the worst rumours they've heard about themselves

Why you should never believe gossip! People reveal the VERY weird (and untrue) rumours they’ve heard about themselves – from faking their own death to escaping a psychiatric unit

  • People from around the world shared rumours they’ve heard about themselves
  • Posting on Whisper, many revealed they’ve been accused of having an STI
  • One woman recounted a rumour circulating in school that she was pregnant 

Rumours can quickly spiral from harmless gossip to hurtful comments, as this eye-opening online thread proves. 

People from around the world have taken to anonymous sharing app Whisper to reveal the worst rumours they’ve heard about themselves, and they’ll make you think twice about sharing a story without fact-checking first.  

Among them is a woman whose boyfriend broke up with her after hearing gossip that she had been unfaithful. Another was the subject of a vicious falsehood about having herpes. 

However others were the source of their own rumours, with one woman from California apparently leading the people in her hometown to believe that she had died when she left to start a new life elsewhere. 

Here, FEMAIL shares some of the weird and wonderful examples…   

People from around the world took to Whisper to share rumours they’ve heard about themselves – including a woman, from Nevada, whose relationship ended after a rumour that she had cheated on her boyfriend spread 

Unforgettable! A woman, who lives in California, admitted that she enjoys reading the comments written on a memorial Facebook page by people in her old town who believe a rumour that she has died 

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One anonymous person shared the devastation of having their work colleagues think that they have herpes 

Another woman, who lives in Colorado, said someone who is jealous of her figure has convinced other people that she has an eating disorder 

Childish! A woman, from Bainbridge, admitted that she struggles to trust anyone after a rumour spread that she was pregnant, while she was out of school for three weeks suffering from the flu

One person said they chose not to correct a high school rumour that they had killed people and been to a mental institute because they didn’t like any of the other students 

Another individual, from Riverton, claimed a rumour that they have STIs and sleep around spread throughout their school despite being a virgin 

Rivalry! An anonymous woman revealed she lost her best friend because of a rumour claiming she is trying to steal her crush 

One person, who lives in Salem, admitted they added to a rumour that they smoke cannabis by sharing a photo with a bag of parsley 

Another woman said rumours that she looked at other girls in the shower, when she was a girl scout, spread after everyone knew about her sexuality 

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