I compliment average girls – I know it means a lot coming from someone pretty

A woman went viral after she shared the savage reason why she compliments "average girls".

Elle, who posts under @caterpiye, recently stirred up a storm over on TikTok after she shared she provides pleasantries to other women. Although, these compliments might not be fuelled with complete kindness.

The stunning content creator, who has 25,000 followers, revealed she gives some women compliments as she sees them as "average." And, because she is "pretty", the compliment – even if backhanded – will mean more.

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"When I compliment average girls cause I know it means a lot coming from a pretty girl like me," Elle wrote across the viral TikTok video. The beauty then lip-synced to a song that said: "I just want to ease your mind and make you feel alright."

Elle smiled as she flaunted her bare-faced beauty while rocking a navy button-up top and some nude bottoms. "So pretty today," she added in the caption. The video has now racked up over 9million views and a whole lot of controversy.

Some felt that Elle was being satirical and poking fun at the 'main character' trend which sees people put themselves centre stage in life. Whereas, others felt the stunner was being serious and while some supported her actions – many called her out.

"Guys she might be sarcastic or real but it doesn’t matter she is pretty either way and she has confidence," one user wrote. Another added: "To everyone saying 'is the pretty girl in the room with us' yes, she's right there everybody is beautiful in their own way. She is actually stunning."

While a third voiced: "I think that's a pretty good mindset."

Someone else praised: "So real for this actually."

Meanwhile, a fifth said: "I would be screaming of joy if a girl this pretty complimented me."

And, this user jibed: "You are the average girl." But, Elle was having none of it and responded: "Don’t set the standards so high for your self."

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