I found sex toy in fellas sock drawer – how dare he when he doesnt bonk me

I was putting my husband’s laundry away and realised there was something at the back of his sock drawer.

It was a huge sex toy in a plastic bag. I know he isn’t having an affair but I think he is using it on himself. How dare he? He stopped having sex with me years ago.

JANE SAYS: Your husband is entitled to his privacy and personal pleasure. But if you feel short-changed in the bedroom, then you need to ask him why he has been avoiding you.

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Ask for an adult chat on the lack of action in your marriage. Don’t be tempted to wave his sex toy under his nose but do make it clear that you’re upset and frustrated. What can change?

I came home from work and went to put my tools away in the garage only to find a large motorbike in there.

I asked my wife about it, and she muttered that it belonged to her brother. I know he can’t ride, so I rang him. He admitted that it actually belongs to his uncle who has gone to Thailand for a few months.

I did nothing more than get my mates to help me move it onto the street. Now my wife’s parents aren’t speaking to me. They’re angry that the uncle will be upset. They rely on him for free holidays and handouts and accuse me of causing trouble. How does that work?

JANE SAYS: Did your wife give permission for the motorbike to be stored in your garage?

If she did, then is it fair to cast it out into the street (where it could be stolen)? Make it clear that you have no desire to fall out with anyone but won’t be taken advantage of.

Why can’t your in-laws have it at theirs? Call a truce. Accept you may have acted rashly but now need to sort this out as adults. Rehouse the bike – if it’s still out there.


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