I got a matching tattoo with my dog – people think Im mad but I love it

An animal-mad dog owner has taken her love for her beloved pooch to extreme levels, by getting a matching tattoo.

Sam decided to get the tattoo as a sign of solidarity with her Beagle, Ted, who had spent the first five years of his life in an animal testing centre.

Sam took her 510,000 TikTok followers on her journey as she headed to a tattoo parlour to get her dog's ID tattoo inked on her own body, while explaining why she was going through with it.

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The post was captioned: 'People think I’m mad because I have a matching tattoo with my DOG – I have no regrets though as it’s always a conversation starter' and has already received a whopping 5.2million views on TikTok.

What's more, the post also states that the tattoo ink was not tested on animals and is vegan.

"Well, he was in animal testing for the first five years of his life," she says in the clip.

"I spend like 99% of my day advocating against animal testing.

"I just feel like this tattoo just makes sense and it's a great conversation starter to educate people who ask me what the heck my tattoo means."

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In the video shared to TikTok, Sam arrives at the studio and waits while the tattoo artist draws out a stencil reading Ted's research number 1947487.

"Ok so we're going to go small and we have his number and we're going to get it on my leg this time," she explains.

People were blown away by the gesture and praised Sam's commitment to Ted and her fight against animal cruelty.

"I literally love this SO much you are the best human ever," praised one.

A second said: "Well done for rescuing this beauty!"

A third commented: "Animal testing breaks my heart. Thank you for rescuing him

Meanwhile, a fourth wrote: "You are so creative and smart and kind."

Another added: "I love this!! I completely agree with you and I love your sweet doggy."


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