I got my eyelashes done before Ibiza – but ended up with injection in bum

A woman's Ibiza holiday turned into a nightmare after her eyelash extensions left her in hospital.

Gem Bethan decided to get the aesthetic procedure done before her trip abroad to the famous party island.

However, she didn't quite get the glam look she was hoping for.

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Instead, Gem missed out watching Calvin Harris and was prescribed a batch of steroids all thanks to her voluminous lashes.

She shared she had never got them done before, and ended up having a massive allergic reaction to the glue used.

Poor Gem had to soak up the Ibiza sun with swollen, red and itchy eyes – and ended up with a trip to accident and emergency.

In a viral TikTok clip, the holiday-goer documented her trip from hell.

"Getting eyelash extensions for the first time the day before you fly to Ibiza," Gem explained in the clip as she shared a snap of her slightly bloodshot eyes aboard the plane.

"Lil bit red the morning after but that was expected."

But, her eyes didn't improve when she landed.

Gem's eyes increasingly became more red as she headed out for the first night of partying.

She made it back to her accommodation where she proceeded to 'pull' out the extensions for four long hours.

Despite removing the false lashes, Gem woke up the next morning with puffy 'balloon' eyes.

"I'm seriously going to cry," she wrote.

"I paid all this money for Ibiza and can't leave my house."

Gem continued to document the allergic reaction which got so bad she had to visit the hospital and have an "injection" in her "a**e".

"Missed Calvin Harris & spent €200 (£171) on a hospital visit to be on steroids for the whole week," Gem candidly revealed in the caption.

"Making it clear I don't think my lash tech was at fault in any way. I just literally am the world's unluckiest person something was bound to go wrong."

Left in horror at Gem's eyelash extension nightmare, people fled to the comments to share they've been put off getting the glam procedure – and many could relate to her ordeal.

One person related: "This happened to me and now I can’t have any type of lash extensions."

Another user added: "Omg this happened to me two days before my graduation, I had them removed and the lady took all my lashes off, my eyes were bald.

"So painful."

While a third voiced: "This happened to me too!


"Had to have them taken off the day next day."

Someone else gasped: "Changed my mind on the lashes."

Meanwhile, a fifth said: "At least your eyebrows were on fleek."

Although many people get eyelash extensions safely, it's not uncommon to have an allergic reaction to eyelash extensions.

Medical News Today reports: "In most cases, a person is allergic to the glue or adhesive that attaches the eyelashes.

"Often, the glue leaks onto the eyelid or into the eye, which can cause a reaction to occur.

"An allergic reaction to eyelash extensions can occur in one or both of the eyes.

"If both, it may be more severe in one eye than the other.

"Typical symptoms include redness, itchiness, and swelling that occurs on the eyelid or the eye itself."

If you're concerned you've had an allergic reaction, you should seek professional medical advice.

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