I had food phobia after trolls called me fat – but OnlyFans gave me confidence

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A model has opened up about her severe phobia of food which caused her to starve herself for years.

Sam Sinstress, 30, first began struggling with her relationship with food as a child when bullies would tease her mercilessly.

It made an impact on her as she would sometimes go days without eating.

The model, from New England, US, said: "At school I was made fun of as a chubbier child.

"I'd go days without eating. Food started to give me anxiety.

"Having to sit down and eat a meal with my family would give me a panic attack.

"They never made me feel bad about my weight but they did notice when I lost a lot of weight and worried about me."

She added: "I was scared of food. My anxiety about being overweight shifted and I believed all food would make me sick.

"I would go weeks only eating a bit of salad. I never went out because the idea of being around food would give me anxiety.

"I believed food was dangerous. My poor parents were devastated."

Concerned about their daughter, Sam's parents signed her up for therapy as a teenager, which helped her eat a varied diet.

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Slowly she overcame her insecurities and began to feel more comfortable in her own skin.

She added: "In school I wore the same sweatshirt every day because it hid my body and I just wanted to blend in and be ignored.

"I was definitely on the path to loving myself more but I didn't have the confidence I do now.

"I learnt in therapy that a lot of my anxieties were about not being accepted."

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As the years went on, Sam threw herself into school and doing things she previously never allowed herself to enjoy.

After graduating, she embraced her creative side and began working in a hairdressing salon.

Then when lockdown hit in 2020, the model began working as a self-employed stylist before the pandemic brought it to a halt.

She turned elsewhere to make money and that's when she started an Instagram account where she gained thousands of fans.

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Sam revealed: "I decided to give OnlyFans a try and committed to marketing myself like I'd had to as a self-employed hairstylist.

"Men and women contact me and thank me for showing my real self.

"I was terrified when I first got naked on camera – I felt like I was having a full-blown panic attack.

"I was so nervous I definitely fumbled around as I took my clothes off, I'm sure it wasn't slick."

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Since joining OnlyFans, Sam gained 20lbs and is more comfortable with her body than ever before.

She revealed: "The feedback I get online – both positive and negative – just rolls off my back now.

"For me, the financial security and the tangible results of my work, all that means more to me than a number on the scales."

If you're worried about your health or the health of somebody else, you can contact SEED eating disorder support service on 01482 718130 or on their website.

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