I left night out feeling ugly as no men bought me drinks – it was so weird

A woman felt defeated and ugly when she went for a night out – and wasn't offered a drink by a man.

Tate, who moved from the US to Australia, found it bizarre that no men approached her at bars.

She recalled her first "night out experience" that left her wondering "what is happening".

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"I remember one of the first times I went out in Australia, I left the bar feeling so defeated," the young woman shared on TikTok.

"In America it's very common for men to approach you and offer to buy you drinks, sometimes it's even a little too aggressive.

"I've had times going out in Arizona or Los Angeles where men will just come up to you, grab your arm and be like 'I will buy you a drink'.

"Then I moved to Australia, it's so different here. Men kind of sit back, let you approach them more.

"They are not as aggressive with it.

"After the first few times of going out, I felt like I was so ugly, like 'why are these guys not approaching me'.

"That sounds very conceited when you put it that way but coming from where I know, this is so weird that guys aren't approaching any girls."

She was left scratching her head until a local friend told her "that never happens here".

Tate said back home she would go out without bringing her wallet.

"We would scheme, scam and just look for men and before anyone comes for me, everyone would do this and this is such a cultural norm," she continued.

"The guys don't expect anything, most of the time you aren't gonna have guys berating you for not giving them something afterwards.

"And in Australia I feel like if a guy bought you a drink and you didn't engage in a conversation with him or make an effort, they are like 'what, why did I do that'."

Viewers have different takes on the topic and some explained to her that the alcohol tax in Australia is so expensive that people won't buy drinks for strangers.

"Cost of living crisis through the roof here," one Aussie fan said.

A second shared: "It's a lose/lose: drinks are so expensive so you don't tend to get that but then if they do buy you one, you feel obligated to spend time with them."

But some argued why should Tate expect men to buy her drinks.

"Women: stop approaching us!! Also women: why aren’t they approaching us?" a person mocked.

Another added: "Women want equal rights they can buy their own drinks."

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