I spent £80k on worlds biggest boobs – but my TTT-cup bust leaves me in agony

A model who claims she has the "biggest boobs in the world" shared how she's left in pain by her TTT-cup chest.

Lorena Fabiana Colotta, also known as Sabrina Sabrok, regularly hits the headlines due to her curvaceous figure and plastic surgery "obsessed" look.

However, although her large chest wins her attention, she revealed she struggles with the weight of her boobs – saying they often cause pain which feels like a "knife slicing into her back".

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At the age of 25, the model went under the knife for the first time and had breast augmentation after growing tired of her "flat chest".

Since then, she’s had 15 surgeries on her chest alone, costing over $100,000 (£80,000) to date, with each breast estimated to weigh 15lbs.

But now, her surgeons advised the 52-year-old to remove her beloved implants due to severe pain in her back due to their hefty size.

“It’s made an impact on my entire life, as I can’t ignore the pain,” said Sabrina.

“It feels like a knife is cutting into my back slowly, but I refuse to reduce my breasts as I can’t see myself without the huge implants. I feel bad about removing them and I really don’t want to do it.”

Sabrina, who lives in Mexico City, is currently trying rehabilitation in a bid to save her well-known assets.

She said: “I’ve done several radio imaging studies and doing simple exercises. But I still have so much pain. I don’t know exactly what will happen if I stay the way I am now, but I think the matter will only get worse.

“It’s affecting my mind, because I believe my entire career has benefited because of my implants, so I really appreciate them. As a final option, I will reduce them if I need to.”

The beauty claims she will happily go down to a C-cup, which would be a sharp decrease from her current 38TTT size.

In a bid to keep her mind off the life-altering ordeal, the former teacher and Playboy model is focusing on staying youthful.

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And she claims thanks to her top tips, people assume she’s 20 years younger.

Sabrina added: “Don’t drink alcohol, as this is super important because it dries out your skin, which no one wants.

“Ensure to have lots of water, so that the skin stays fully hydrated and don’t smoke because this makes you age quicker.

“Eating healthily is also super important to ensure all the vitamins needed for your skin are consumed."

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