I spent a lot of money improving my flat and garden…now my landlord is kicking me out to sell it – I'm furious | The Sun

A GRANDMA is being kicked out of her home by her landlord after she spent a lot of money improving it.

The former NHS worker – who wishes to remain anonymous – could now come face-to-face with bailiffs

The flat in Romford, Essex, has been her home for eight years and she says having to find a new place to live by October 19 "is just horrendous".

She told RomfordRecorder: “I’ve got nowhere to go. I’m in a bit of a state,"

But the caring grandma said she paid a lot of money to have her garden landscaped so her grandchildren could play safely, after her landlord wouldn't pay out.

She also claims the landlord reassured her two years ago, "you will be here forever" after she raised concerns about spending so much money just to get kicked out at some point.

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The grandma-of-three now fears she could be living in a B&B as she has struggled to find somewhere else to rent since she was served a Section 21 notice in June.

"If they put me in a B&B, where are all my belongings going? This is not a bedsit. I’ve got a whole home," she added.

"Everything here is mine."

Diagnosed with anxiety, claustrophobia and agoraphobia, she was forced to leave work and is currently on benefits – which she claims is a barrier to finding a home.

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She said: "I think landlords assume that people on benefits are scumbags, are going to wreck the place and are a drain on society."

Her local council currently pay her rent directly to the landlord and were told they had 56 days to help find alternative accommodation.

Havering Council were informed the landlord wanted to sell the property immediately but haven't been able to find the stressed out woman anywhere else to live.

Local councillor Paul McGeary said: "We have been in touch several times with Teresa throughout this process and her case worker has advised her of the support available in securing a private property."

Your rights as a tenant if you’re issued a Section 21 notice

According to Citizens Advice, you can only be given a Section 21 notice if you have a shorthold tenancy – but if you don't the notice won't be valid.

You can check your tenancy type here.

If you were issued the notice before March 26, 2020, or on or before October 1, 2021, you legally have two months to find somewhere else to live.

If you haven't been given enough notice to leave your home, then the Section 21 isn't valid.

You should also ask your local council to help you as soon as you've been issued the notice. 

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