I started selling racy content – now I own £60k worth of handbags and a Lambo

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We think it's safe to say there are so many ways to earn a lot of money these days.

But one ex-model who ditched photoshoots in favour of something a little bit more risqué has revealed her kinky secrets.

Chelsea Ferguson swapped her career as a glamour babe to sell X-rated content online.

The world of adult entertainment helped the beauty become a millionaire and celeb socialite by the age of 30.

Now the kinky star, who is the founder of AdmireMe VIP, has revealed how her saucy line of work helped her financially.

She now rakes in millions, drives a Lamborghini and lives in the mansion of her dreams. Lucky for some right?

She told Daily Star: "I was initially using another platform but the customer service was absolutely terrible!

"I was earning them a fortune yet they didn't reply to a single email…

"Once I made enough money to sustain myself I left and decided to set up my own platform, AdmireMe VIP.

"Never in a million years did I think it would blow up like it has but thankfully people love it.

"We've grown quicker than I could have ever imagined and this success is all down to creators who sell X-rated content online."

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AdmireMe VIP is essentially like OnlyFans where subscribers have to pay a fee to view the model's exclusive content.

Chelsea went into the industry after joking about it with her pals while she was a student at university.

She admitted: "It was a fluke. I went into a strip club and loved the atmosphere so much that I quit my studies to start working there.

"You've always got to do what excites you and while people might have judged that decision, it's what led me to where I am today."

Since Chelsea ditched her job as a glamour model, she's been able to afford a handbag collection worth of £60,000.

But that's not all as the babe doesn't have a mortgage and drives a dream car that costs thousands.

She added: "I was living my dream and would spend at least £5,000-£10,000 on every holiday I went on.

"However, since having a little boy I have calmed down a lot.

"Don't get me wrong, I've just moved into a 6-bed house so I'm still enjoying my earnings, but my spending isn't as extravagant."

When it comes to what she sells, Chelsea flogs anything from lingerie to full nudes and porn videos.

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And it's lucky that her family are supportive of what she does, since her cousin is actually her business partner too.

Chelsea revealed: "'I have never hidden anything from anyone. I don't think you can make it in this industry if you do!

"My family all work for me, including my cousin Beccy who's my business partner.

"I'm lucky in that my family are all open-minded and supportive; they've seen my success and recognise how much I love it."

She also keeps things classy as she claims "she'd never sleep with anyone for money".

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