I think being a hairy woman is super sexy I want others to embrace it

I think being a hairy woman is super sexy but it took me years to show it off. Now I want others to do the same

  •  Lydi Winter has gone viral on TikTok
  • She is a body positivity influencer 
  • Wants women to be comfortable to choose to keep body hair 

Hairy bodies are beautiful bodies according to Lydi Winter who has become famous on social media for going against societal ‘beauty norms’.

The young woman, who is from the UK, confidently wears bikinis which show off her un-shaven bikini line and urges others to do the same.

She believes a bikini body is any body wearing a bikini and advocates for a woman’s right to not shave with her Tiktok account Lydi Hairy.

‘I’m a big body hair fan!! It took me a long time to get this comfortable… but I think anyone can get there,’ she said. 

The young woman posed in her favourite bikini – showing off her body hair comfortably 

In one viral video, which was seen by more than a million people she showed off her favourite orange bikini.

People were quick to comment on the clip – despite the young woman not mentioning anything about her body hair.

‘I love accounts and people like this are ho live how they want without falling into the pressure of how a “woman should look”,’ one man said.

‘Y’all act like every human is supposed to be baby smooth at least she has more confidence then any of y’all will have,’ said another.

‘I am in total awe of you being brave enough to bear your hair with pride. I’ve been growing out my leg and pit hair but I’m not yet brave enough to debut the bush,’ one woman said.

Not everyone was a fan of the woman’s choice to not shave though.

‘I gasped out loud,’ one woman said.

‘I was not expecting that,’ said another.

She said it took her years to grow in confidence thanks to ‘beauty standards’ 

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In follow-up clips she did mention being hairy, being natural and being comfortable in her own skin. 

She admitted she didn’t expect the video to blow up like it did.

This comes weeks after two Australian women declared shaving should be an option not an expectation on women. 

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