I thought I'd be free of worry when I left my abusive partner but I'm so lonely

DEAR DEIDRE: I MANAGED to escape from my abusive ex who had been charged with coercive behaviour, assault, battery and rape.

But he didn’t go to prison –  and now I live with the consequences.

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My ex, who is 42, fought through the courts to see my children and now I’m the one running them around so he can see them for a supervised visit.

The local authority found me a beautiful place to live. It’s my little bit of paradise.

But when the kids go to bed, I feel so broken and alone.

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I am 38, lonely and scared. I thought I’d be free of worry but the opposite is true. I fall to pieces every night.

He was right, I’m worthless and use-less and live off benefits because I’m scared to go out and find a job. I should have stayed with him.

DEIDRE SAYS: Absolutely not. You were very brave in getting away and reporting him.

Too many women stay in abusive relationships and it’s much better for your children that you got out.

Find emotional support through the National Domestic Abuse Helpline (nationaldahelpline.org.uk, 0808 2000 247).

My support pack Raising Self-esteem may give you a boost. Remember, nothing stays the same for long and life will get better.

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