‘I tried a new long-lasting under-eye filler and I’ve never looked more awake’

Don’t we all have that one thing we bang on to our friends about but never really do anything to find a solution to? Maybe yours is leaving a boring job or booking a boujee holiday. Mine was fixing my left under-eye. I was always so annoyed by how much more hollow it looked compared to my right under-eye, and by how the tear trough area looked sunken and dark when I wasn’t wearing makeup.

For years I focused on it, scrutinised the look of it in pictures and whined to my poor friends and colleagues about it, but I still never really considered doing anything more drastic about it than coating it in some concealer in a similar consistency so cement (It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under-Eye. If you know, you know.) Last week, though, I finally decided to tackle it with filler.

I headed to seeDr Munir Somji, an aesthetic practitioner atLondon’s Dr MediSpaclinic who has treated the likes of Ferne McCann, Amber Davies and Vicky Pattison. I didn’t go to test out just any old filler, I went there to try the latest evolution in the Restylane Hyaluronic Acid filler range, Restylane Eyelight.

So what is Restylane Eyelight and what makes it new and special?

“It's different from other tear trough fillers because they’re soft in substance and can easily spread. The ethos being because the under-eye area is so delicate, we’d want a much softer gel. What we’ve found after a decade of using those fillers is that they spread, meaning the gel moves from the target area and you get a migration of filler,” says.

“Filler, in essence, attracts water. So if it spreads around the eye and attracts water, that’s when you get puffy-looking eyes. Restylane Eyelight is designed in a unique way where it’s a firmer gel and can resist high forces and deformation. We only need to use a small amount of it for maximum gain and staying power.

“Also, the hyaluronic acid it’s made from is created from something called natural entanglement. You’ve got chains of it which fuse together and bond, meaning the filler doesn’t attract as much water as traditional fillers. The long-term safety of using this filler is higher and the results will stay looking great for longer.”

How long does it last versus regular tear trough filler, according to Dr Somji? Because the filler is so durable, you won’t likely need a top up before 12-14 months. Other fillers might need topping up every 6-9 months, but it depends on the amount used and the type of filler.

Prices for Restylane Eyelight start from £450 at Dr MediSpa.

Zoe’s results

The results were visible pretty much instantly. You’ll be able to see from my after photo that despite the area looking a little bit red, the hollow tear trough area that had previously bothered me so much has basically disappeared. A syringe-delivered miracle.

I know that other types of filler could have given me a decent result but the reason I bit the bullet and tried Restylane Eyelight is because I was put off by some stories I’ve heard about older types of filler making eyes look puffy. I’m also not the biggest fan of needles so the fact that I might not need a top up before this time next year really appeals to me.

So, the question is: will I get this again? Absolutely. Will I recommend it to friends? Yes. I was in and out of the clinic in under half an hour and, because numbing cream was applied to the area injected – and lidocaine is present in the filler – I felt no pain, only a bit of pressure. It was such a quick fix for something I’d spent so many hours of my life fixated on.

If you fancy booking in to try it yourself, I highly recommend Dr MediSpa clinics (there are three around the London area), but Restylane Eyelight is also now rolling out into Restylane-stocked aesthetics clinics nationwide for those not local to London.


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