I used to make tea with a microwave until harsh Brits point out it was wrong

An American woman shocked Brits on TikTok after revealing that she once made tea in the microwave before she downloaded the app.

Brandi, who posts on the app as @hello.brandi, shared a clip of herself making a cup of PG Tips tea with a kettle as she explained that she used to microwave the water for her tea and use Lipton tea bags.

She captioned the clip by saying: "I've come so far."

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In her video, which has gained more than 300 likes, Brandi explained: "You want to make tea with an American? Fun fact before I joined TikTok, I had never had tea.

"I just thought you were supposed to microwave water and throw Lipton teabags into it and then I met all of you who lovingly and harshly let me know I was doing it all wrong.

"There was some trial and error. Oh, and I had to buy a kettle and the sugar and the milk really make a difference. Now I get it, it tastes really good."

British TikTok went wild over the revelation as they were so proud of her for making changes to make a proper brew.

One user said: "Casual British education."

Another added: "Great colour too… not dishwater."

A third wrote: "As a Brit … I've never felt so proud of a stranger."

However, other users took to the comments with suggestions on how to make her cuppa better as they believe she is still doing some things wrong.

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One user suggested: "Yorkshire tea not PG Tips, and you add the sugar and milk after you’ve taken the bag out."

Another quipped: "When you put the sugar and milk in before removing the teabag, I genuinely felt my blood pressure increase significantly."

A third commented: "Oh please get some Yorkshire tea. Your life will change!"


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