I wanted natural-looking veneers – but trolls say they look like piano keys

A bloke left fans cackling with laughter after making a video insisting his new teeth "look natural".

Sam Gowland, who posts online as @samgowland_, travelled to Turkey to have his new pearly whites installed.

But the bloke has since been targeted by social media trolls who have mocked him for his new look.

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Many keyboard warriors joked the gnashers resemble "piano keys".

But in response, Sam shared a hopefully sarcastic video claiming he got the most "natural-looking" veneers possible and that many people have complimented them.

In the video, which has gained more than 190,000 likes, he said: "You know, it's crazy the amount of people that are saying they are the best veneers that they've ever seen.

"Thanks so much. I'm even happier now because of all the comments and all the messages I get.

"And then people stop me saying, 'God, where'd you get your teeth? And they look so nice.'

"That's what I was a bit nervous when I got them done because I thought the last thing I want is to get my veneers done and for them not to look natural.

"I wanted to keep the natural look, so that's why I got them exactly like this. Absolutely perfect. I don't want to gatekeep.

"I went to Turkey to get these done, which I think are probably the best way you can see.

"Look at the shape and the definition. Personally, I don't think you'd be able to tell they were fake."

TikTok users were left in hysterics over the clip – and immediately took to the comments to let him know what they thought.

One user said: "Piano keys."

A second added: "Like a fresh piano."

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A third commented: "Is he joking? I thought he was wearing a gum shield."

However, others took to the comments defending them as they say they are "the best ones" they've ever seen.

"They don’t look natural but they’re the best looking ones I’ve ever seen for real," a user argued.

And another wrote: "They don't look so bad I've seen worse lol. People are such haters."

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