I was body-shamed in Playboy Mansion – Hefner demanded girls were "very thin"

A famous Playboy Bunny says she was body-shamed in the Mansion as ex-boyfriend Hugh Hefner liked his women "very very thin".

Reality star Trisha Paytas spoke to former Bunny Holly Madison about the strict rules Playmates had to follow.

Holly described how kitchen staff were ready to whip up a meal at any time of day or night, but the girls were under constant pressure to restrict their diets.

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She recalled: “It's so strange looking back on it because there's really not much of a variety in the way the three of us looked.

“But, for whatever reason, we were always made to feel like Kendra [Wilkinson] was the only one with a good body."

Remembering a specific episode from her Playboy series Girls Next Door, Holly added: "In that one they really put Bridget into a corner, where they’re really focusing in on what she's eating, and trying to make her look like she's the ‘fat one’…

“It’s just crazy the way they would categorise people back then and kind of make us feel like we really had an issue.”

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Holly added that Hefner “liked his women very, very thin” and that translated to an entire culture at the Mansion.

“Everybody's beauty standard was that a woman is supposed to be really young and really thin and really in shape and if she’s not in shape she's not doing it right," she continued.

“That was kind of the feel you got from people in general just in that whole society and also the show especially the way they treated Bridget over the seasons it was crazy.”

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Trisha said that she particularly related to Bridget when she watched the show because “they portrayed her as the curvy one that would get Arby’s".

She added: "But looking back, you were all so thin. All of you had legs that were skinny…”

Trisha claimed she had been only invited to the Playboy Mansion twice “so I guess I was looking too fat", despite being 10stone at the time.

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