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WORKING in a hospital can evoke a range of emotions.

Whether that's helping people with end of life care of battling on the operating table.

But one doctor has now revealed the scariest condition he has ever witnessed when on a shift.

Dr Benjamin Schmidt, from St. Louis, US said a man had entered the hospital with what he suspected was a mole.

Posting to TikTok the medic said it actually turned out to be a scorpion penis tattoo.

The doctor has been discussing the Capgras delusion.

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It's a rare condition and is usually seen after trauma to the brain or in patients who have been diagnosed with dementia, schizophrenia, or epilepsy.

He explained: "This is a psychiatric or neurological disorder where someone has the delusion or false belief that someone they know; a wife, a brother or even a dog, has been replaced by an identical imposter.

“They actually acknowledge that the person, be it the wife, or the brother looks the same as the person they once knew.

“But for some reason there’s something different in the patient’s eyes that makes them different to the person they once knew.

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“So different in fact, that the patient doesn’t believe it’s possible for them to be their actual wife or brother.

“Patients have been known to lock themselves in a room and demand protection from these imposters.

“It’s very rare but it’s some scary stuff.”

Many users were keen to comment on experiences they had with the condition.

Dr Schmidt said he first learned about the disease in the Oliver Sachs book The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat.

He said: "I read the book in high school and I thought it was fascinating and it was part of the reason I decided to pursue medical school.

“It’s always satisfying to see my viewers interested and intrigued by the videos I create. My goal is to entertain and educate with my videos.

“I love to hear from others who have either experienced similar medical cases themselves or people now interested in studying these disorders in the future."

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One viewer commented: "I had a PT with this once. He was sure his family was replaced by imposters. It was very real for him…quite frightening to say the least."

Another added: "My grandmother does this! It’s mild I guess. She just rolls with it for the most part. It comes and goes."

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