Im a hot farmer and strip on the job – fear of getting caught is thrilling

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    A woman is proving just how sexy it is to be a farm girl by stripping off in the fields.

    Honeyy Brooks, 32, from Australia, known as @farmgirlhoneyybrooks on TikTok, has been making saucy content on her farm for two years. It all started after she met another creator while on holidays, and she got a little inspired.

    A farm may not be the first place you think of when it comes to getting sexy, but she said it's "so much fun". For Honeyy, her work is always different and exciting, and she's always trying out something new.

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    She said you're never short of ideas when you have 100 acres of land and lots of machinery to film on or in. The variety plays a part in why she thinks so many people enjoy her content.

    Speaking exclusively to The Daily Star, Honeyy said she thinks she's become popular because her content is so different. She said: "It’s outside in nature, in the sunshine. It’s completely different to being in the bedroom. It’s exciting and people love the thrill of possibly getting caught or doing something you shouldn’t."

    When it comes to the sorts of requests she gets, they can be pretty endless. She admitted a lot of people ask for toilet videos, but some people also like her to perform role play and produce feet content.

    A lot goes on at Honeyy's little farm, and she absolutely loves it. She said her sexy side work has helped to make her feel so empowered.

    "There’s nothing more empowering than doing what you love, being open with your sexuality, exploring your kinks and your body and not being ashamed to do so," she said. "When I’m on OnlyFans I don’t feel judged for being sexual, I feel celebrated – in some aspects I feel more comfortable on my OnlyFans page than anywhere else.

    "It’s super busy, but honestly I wouldn’t have it any other way. In fact, my farm life has substantially helped my business grow."

    Back in 2019, a study claimed farmers have more sex than other people. The survey, conducted by sex toy company LELO UK, found that 33% of farmers get jiggy at least once a day.

    Honeyy said she can understand why this is the case, and a lot of it boils down to finding something to do to fill their spare time. Based on personal experience, she thinks there's a lot of truth in the claim.

    When asked if she thought the study was accurate, she said: "Well it’s true for me, but I suppose it makes sense. There’s not much else to do out here when the work stops.

    "Have a beer, relax and have sex. Sounds like a perfect night to me actually."

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    The gorgeous blonde also said she understands why people are getting saucy to earn a little extra cash. She said creators are drawn to the profession due to the ability to make a lot of money.

    Honeyy added: "But what I think is underrated is that it gives you the ability to be 100% yourself. It’s so empowering and sexy to show up as your authentic self with no shame.

    "A platform that pays you for your uniqueness, your kinks and what makes your different. That’s sexy."

    You can find out more about Honeyy on Instagram.

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