I'm a nanny and these steps will ensure your child sleeps for 12 hours

I’m a nanny and these two simple steps will guarantee your child sleeps for a full 12 hours every night

  • Sophie Middleton, known as The Night Night Nanny, shared her fool-proof trick
  • The mother-of-two says it is important young children get into a rhythm

Getting a full 12 hours of sleep is an achievement for anyone… but ensuring your child catches the equivalent in 40 winks is a challenge that has bested generations of parents. 

Now, a professional nanny has been lauded as a ‘super-mum’ for her failsafe method for ensuring her little ones get a full twelve ours of sleep a night. 

Sophie Middleton has shared the two simple steps she has used to get her two daughters soundly off to sleep, and remain that way until the morning.

Instead of doing ‘sleep training’ the way many parents do, the mother-of-two opted for introducing a daily rhythm to her children to help them sleep longer (File image)

The Night Night Nanny added that the other part is getting your baby comfortable in their cot alone and monitoring their screen time

Ms Middleton, also known as The Night Night Nanny, has been working professionally in the childcare industry for over a decade.  

Knowing full well what an issue sleep is for parents, she took a different approach to ensure children sleep through the night – and it only involves just two things.

She says that it is important young children get into a rhythm from the get-go.

Speaking to Teeside Live, Ms Middleton said she managed to get her first-born, Isabelle, into a solid routine of sleeping 12-hours a night – from 7pm to 7am.

And, after having her second daughter, Ruby, she wanted to really put her methods to the test, after parents at baby groups refused to believe her first-born slept for so long – and doubted her claims she could then ‘get the same great sleeper twice’. 

The Night Night Nanny explained: ‘Everyone can have one baby and that one baby sleeps well, but when Isabelle was eight months, then I fell pregnant with Ruby.

‘When Ruby was born everyone said you won’t get two the same, the second one will be up all night, she won’t sleep.’

Ms Middleton revealed that she puts a steady night’s sleep down to two things – a routine and learning independence. 

Instead of doing ‘sleep training’ the way many parents do, Ms Middleton opted for introducing a daily rhythm for her children.

She added that the other part is making sure your baby is comfortable being alone in their cot, and monitoring their screen time.

The expert explained that after their tea, her two children go ‘straight upstairs’ and get ready for bed – with normally around 45 minutes between bath and bed.

She added: ‘That’s absolute quality time, so there’s no phones allowed in the bedroom.’

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