I'm sick of my son treating the home like a hotel – it's time he moved out | The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: AFTER years of indulging my son, I’ve had enough of being used.

Although he’s an adult, he still lives at home, but he shows me no respect or care.

He’s 25 and I’m his 52-year-old mother. My husband left years ago.

My son works and knows the rent and bills are expensive, but he only contributes a tiny amount each month.

He spends the rest on going out and designer clothes.

He barely talks to me when he’s home, treating the place like a hotel and coming home in the early hours.

I wake up to his dirty dishes, which he leaves in the sink, and he expects me to do his washing.

He’s rude to me, either not speaking at all or snapping at me. I do love him, but he cares only about himself.

If I suggest he might like to find his own place, he gets angry and says he can’t afford it.

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DEIDRE SAYS: Your son doesn’t realise how lucky he is to have you and a roof over his head.

You need to make it clear that you’ve had enough and unless he pulls his weight – practically and financially – he’s out.

My support pack Standing Up For Yourself will help you have this conversation without making him defensive.


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