Influencer shares real body after fans swoon over her highly posed snaps

Nowadays it has become increasingly easy for us to compare ourselves to others thanks to social media.

One quick scroll through TikTok or Instagram and you are bound to be met with a preened and ‘perfect’ looking influencer.

Some people often ‘wish’ they looked like the toned and petite women with large followers online.

But after people telling her that they ‘wished’ they had her body, one influencer has exposed what she really looks like.

And, she has even admitted she doesn’t even ‘have her body.’

Kira Lindner, 19, often shares body positive content to her 480,000 TikTok followers where she slams beauty ideals for women.

In a recent clip that has racked up a huge 9.1million views, the brunette babe shared a series of posed snaps that displayed her toned tum and sleek hourglass figure.

Kira first posed in a grey cropped hoodie and some low waisted black joggers which effortlessly accentuated her physique.

She also included a mirror selfie where she sported teeny gym shorts that flaunted her muscular thighs.

The influencer then shared a photo of herself in a teeny tan bikini which showed off her sizzling hot bod.

Kira wrote in the video the phrase she is often told by people when they see these kinds of photos from her.

“I wish I had your body.”

But then, Kira exposed what she looks like away from her highly posed shots.

As she sat relaxed with her legs crossed and her hair in a messy bun, Kira shook her head and declared: “Girl that’s not me.”

Kira had leaned forward and showed off her unposed belly and skin poking out of the straps of her top.

She admitted in the caption: “Even I don’t have my body.”

Appreciative of Kira showing off her ‘real’ body, many people fled to the comments to thank her for being so open about what she actually looks like away from the posed snaps.

One person commented: “I really appreciate when people show their real bodies, I mean not posed etc. Thank you for this! I feel much better.”

Another user added: “I love you for this.”

While a third person voiced: “You have no idea how much this helps me. Can we normalise normal bodies?? You’re gorgeous.”

Someone else shared: “Such a confidence boost.”

As a fifth person expressed: “You are beautiful both ways!!! Poses can only enhance what is already there.”

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