Inside Harry and William’s teen party nights at Highgrove with ‘rum and snogging’

Prince Harry is divulging all the details of his wild partying days in his new memoir Spare.

It’s no secret that the once fun-loving Prince enjoyed a wild night out in his youth and Harry was regularly photographed at exclusive London nightclubs during his teens and early twenties.

But it seems that even as a schoolboy Harry, alongside big brother William, was known for his hard partying – and even hosted these dos at royal residence Highgrove.

In the new memoir, Harry admits that he and his brother would head to a local pub near Highgrove for a couple of drinks – despite being under 18 at the time – before hosting around 15 friends in the basement at Highgrove when they were away from school.

Harry writes that “there was plenty of innocent snogging, which went hand-in-hand with the not-so-innocent drinking,” in the basement, and adds that their favourite indulgences were rum and coke, or vodka with red bull.

The Prince clarifies in Spare that no one ever brought or used drugs in the basement at Highgrove House, explaining that this was due to a sense of boundaries around the family home.

However, he does later confess to smoking Marijuana at Eton College, the elite boarding school he attended and admits experimenting with cocaine at the tender age of 17.

Harry writes that, because of the wild parties, Highgrove became known as “Club H,” which he assures readers did not, in fact, stand for Club Harry, as many assumed – but Club Highgrove.

The 38 year old Prince explains in the memoir that they chose the basement behind Highgrove as they felt it was the most discreet place to party.

But this didn’t stop the news getting back to disapproving dad Charles who, Harry alleges, received a phone call from a tabloid newspaper editor who revealed that he knew of the Princes’ wild antics.

Prince Harry then sensationally claims that Charles saw this as a PR rather than a personal matter and decided to use his press team to “spin me – right under the bus,” rather than tell the tabloid editor to “call off the dogs.”

Harry repeatedly alleges that the royal family used him to deflect bad press from Prince William, the heir to the throne, who Harry says was also regularly in attendance but escaped the negative attention.

A lot of Spare focuses on Harry’s relationship with his brother, and Harry claims that William refused to speak to him whilst they were attending school together.

However, he explains that the basement at Highgrove house was one of the few places they bonded.

In the book, Harry writes that it was “the one place he (William) didn’t feel the need to pretend that I was a stranger,” and that it would sometimes be just the two brothers hanging out in the basement, talking and playing games.

He also explains that it seemed to be the one place that William was able to broach the topic of their mother Diana, but that Harry feels he was too emotionally unavailable to engage.


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