Inside Kevin Costner and Christine Baumgartners ‘wonderful’ Cowboy wedding

Yellowstone star Kevin Costner was married to Christine Baumgartner for 18 years but the Hollywood couple announced they are divorcing.

Earlier this year in May it was reported that Christine had filed for divorce from her actor husband citing “irreconcilable differences” and Kevin Costner “very surprised” by the decision” according to a Page Six source.

It now appears both Kevin and Christine may be having a difficult breakup, as it has been reported that the pair are fighting over their assets as well as child support.

The couple had been dating since 1998 and married in 2004 in a Western-style cowboy wedding which included a party barbecue, horse riding, a softball game, and a truck that chauffeured the bride to the ceremony.

In, the past, wedding guest Tim Allen spoke out about having a fun time at the wedding. He said: “Just wonderful, beautiful, great, fun, sunny mountains.”

In a past interview with Extra Kevin said: “This is our celebration. We just did it with our friends so we don’t get too blown up about it. We just feel lucky that it happened to us.”

He added: “We just try to make it like recess, you know, like in the fifth grade so it could be fun for everyone.”

Christine has stated that the couple were also “big outdoor people” and the wedding was planned over four days with plenty of fun activities for their wedding guests to that it felt like a summer holiday.

She said: “By Sunday it felt like that last day of summer camp when everyone left after the pancake lunch.”

The couple married in Aspen Springs, California which Christine described as being a “magical” place. She said: “It’s a peaceful place. You’re there with the trees. We felt there was evidence of God everywhere.”

Both Kevin and Christine exchanged their vows on a wooden aisle next to a meadow and a platform near a lake, and after the ceremony butterflies were released and the guests threw wildflower seeds.

Rather than having a limousine waiting for them, the former couple took a canoe ride on the lake in order to celebrate their union.

Kevin recalled: “I said, ‘Do you want to get in the canoe?’ You know, because we’re always doing that together anyway, and she’s so game for anything in that beautiful white dress against that blue water… It was more for me than it was for anybody else.”

Christine said: “People worried about my dress but it was so romantic. Kevin paddled me into a private world.”

The reception was held in a large chandelier-lit tent in which the couple had their first dance to “Unchained Melody” and then the guest party had a sing-along to “What a Wonderful World.”

After the party ended, the wedding guests warmed up with a hot toddy drink and also receive a tin of wildflower seeds as a gift.

When asked what her favorite moment on the day was, Christine said: “There were so many… Kevin’s kids blessed me.”

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