Inside Mark Zuckerbergs $37 Million Five-House Estate In Palo Alto

When it comes to lavish living, Mark Zuckerberg can most certainly afford the very finest of everything. He’s currently worth an astounding $68.9 billion and is poised to continue dramatically increasing his net worth with future earnings. Of course, everyone is well aware of the fact that he can have anything he wants, and it goes without saying that each of his many multi-million dollar residences is an absolute stunner. However, new information has come to light that suggests one of his mega mansions just got a whole lot bigger than anyone could have ever imagined. That has a lot to do with the fact that he has just purchased the neighborhood that surrounds his estate, and has turned it the four homes in his immediate vicinity into a private compound.

An Enormous Mansion Turns Into A $37 Million Compound

Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t just own a very impressive mansion – he happens to own a very impressive mansion that is now part of a 5-home custom designed compound. Zuckerberg, who has more than enough financial backing to pursue an architectural project such as this one, had originally purchased a $7 million home in Palo Alto. This home was updated to reflect the needs of his family, but seemingly, this luxurious abode wasn’t enough for Zuckerberg, it was just the beginning.

He had his eye on the residences and properties surrounding him. A neighbor had planned to sell the homes to a developer, who was intending to build a bigger house and market it for resale, using the fact that Zuckerberg lived in the area as a major selling point. Instead, Zuckerberg scooped up the four homes that surrounded him, as well as the properties belonging to each.

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Zuckerberg Stops At Nothing To Build His Estate

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Buying up the immense property and residential structures that surrounded him was just the beginning of Zuckerberg’s big plans. He then proceeded to initiate extensive construction to completely custom design the region and turn it into his very own residential masterpiece.

Nestled in a very prestigious area of Silicon Valley, Zuckerberg transformed the property he had first purchased in 2011 to include the 4 other homes and created his own estate, and what he paid for this privilege might shock you. He overpaid significantly for each home, dropping a total of $30 million for the ability to live in his own neighborhood. One of the homes was purchased as far back as December 2012 for $4.7 million. Records show that another was scooped up for $10M in 2013,

He now sits atop a $37 million property that is absolutely enormous in size. He renovated two of the homes and demolished the other two entirely. He then went on to replace the two mansions he demolished by replacing them with two, one-storey homes that were designed to his liking. There’s a very specific reason he built single storey residences…

Construction Controversy Swirls

Mark Zuckerberg and his wife were living out their dreams, and were delighted to be building this new compound for their young children. However, there were many people surrounding them that were far less excited about this compound’s construction process.

He faced a setback when the city of Palo Alto’s Architectural Review board blocked his bid to demolish all four homes. They were not in favor of having an overwhelmingly large compound located in an area where single-family residential dwellings were already so few and far between. They denied Zuckerberg’s original plans, citing permit issues and formally lodging their complaints.

By demolishing two homes and building simple one-storey dwellings, Zuckerberge was cleverly able to side-step any permit issues, as one-floor houses don’t require the approval of council. Zuckerberg’s new twist on his construction plans were unstoppable, and he pushed forward.

In spite of the uproar that was quite literally surrounding him, Zuckerberg pressed on, and has estimated his renovations and construction plans will run a $1.56 million price tag. He ahs defended his construction plans by stating that he and his family love the character of their neighborhood, admire the trees that surround them, and are looking to preserve the space that surrounds them.

At this time, the five properties now appear as three homes that are connected to the main Zuckerberg residence. A recently released aerial view depicts an enclosed rectangle of properties that boasts a garden in the middle, and a pathway that connects four properties to an entrance that leads to the main home.  His central home includes an oversized roof and has jungle gym for his children in the backyard.

He Has Many More Plans

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This compound is already incredibly impressive, but Zuckerberg insists that his vision has not yet been fully embraced. There is one more house which remains detached from the others, on the northeast portion of his main property. He has plans to demolish that one, too. He is pushing forward with many more elaborate plans, much to the dismay of the locals in the community.

At this time, it has been stated that Zuckerberg is intending to strike this home and rebuild it into a two-storey mansion. If all goes to plan, this home will feature a 3,554 square foot home. It will have a 789 square foot garage, 1625 square foot basement, and a 691 square foot “detached accessory unit” in the rear yard.

There’s no telling what Mark Zuckerberg will do next with this impressive land that he lives on and is surrounded by. No details have been released pertaining to the features and amenities he has put into his $37 million property, but his fans are hoping to one day catch a glimpse of the luxurious elements that surround this business mogul.

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