Instagram Influencers Are Raking In Big Bucks At Coachella 2022

Coachella is back after a two-year hiatus. Artists like The Weeknd have already inked multi-million dollar deals to hit the stage, but it’s not just the musical acts that are signing deals at Coachella. A crowd of Instagram influencers has flocked to the event in Indio, California for their chance to earn a paycheck, and this year they’re charging thousands of dollars per post.

Instagram Influencer Maryam Ghafarinia boasts 180,000 Instagram followers, and this is her fourth time at the festival —but she’s never actually seen the bands perform. She says she’s too busy charging $2,000 for a single photo and $3,500 for an Instagram reel, and she says that brands often expect stories and attendance at events, too.

“They also want you to attend an event; they also want you to do stories, they may want multiple posts, they want you to post even before Coachella, leading up to it,” Ghafarinia told New York Post. “So, there’s more opportunity to add on and make more money.”

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Noel Elie, a wellness influencer boasting 102,000 followers, said she had counted on making $10,000 from at least three brands at Coachella in 2020 before being canceled. This year she’s attending the festival as a guest of a fashion brand that pays her $2,500 for three stories and a reel. She also gets to keep the clothes provided by the brand.

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Another influencer, Rianne Meijer, boasts 1.5 million followers and has documented her trip to the festival by posting paid promotions with brands like Levi’s and BWM. Brands regularly provide free accommodations, airfare, and even festival passes in exchange for promotional posts.

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“Everyone is there and wants to make a deal and wants to be with the best brands, and the brands want as many influencers as possible to be part of their ‘activations’ … so they’ll actively recruit influencers,” Mae Karwowski, CEO of influencer marketing agency Obviously, told the Post.

The festival is incredibly lucrative, and musical acts sign million-dollar deals before taking the stage. Kanye West was set to make $8.5 million as a headliner but pulled out just weeks before the concert began. The Weeknd agreed to fill the spot, but only if he was given the same $8.5 million deal and a $500,000 production fee.

Source: Insider, New York Post

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