It IS coming home! The Universe

England: Should Bellingham be in squad for Euros?

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It’s the first time England have ever made it this far in a European tournament and fans are desperate to see the squad lift the trophy tonight… but is it REALLY coming home? chatted to astrologer Francesca Oddie (@francescaoddieastrology on Instagram) to find out who she thinks is going to win.

Everyone has a birth chart, which is an astrological map of the sky at the time of an event (usually birth).

There are some interesting parallels between when England was created and the astrological chart today, suggesting some sort of redemption is on the cards.

Francesca said: “The fifth house is all fun and games and it’s got Pluto there which is the sign of power.

Pluto is at two degrees of Pisces and transiting Jupiter is at one degree of Pisces on that Jupiter, so that’s REALLY promising.”

The chart suggests that we’re all a bit battered and knackered and we all need this win to cheer us up.

Francesca said: “Transiting Chiron, the wounded healer, is on our north node, which is why there’s a fair bit of pain in England at the moment.

“If you think of the three lions symbol (linked to William the Conqueror) and all the pain, it is the redemption of the pain.

“It suggests that all the hurt of losing since England were last in a final in 1966 will be healed tonight.”

Gareth Southgate has Chiron in Aries so he is going to feel redeemed tonight as well, apparently.

Francesca said: “He was wounded when he missed the penalty in the 1996 Euros but it’s come back around.

“He’s learnt everything from the wisdom of Chiron and will use that knowledge to help England win.”

We also have “Saturn chatting to Mars and Venus”, a Moon in Cancer, and a fifth house Jupiter to Pluto, which suggests the Universe really is on our side tonight.

Francesca explained: “The Universe wants you and England to win! It wants everyone to expand and meet the best reality you can.

“It’s all very jubilant and iconic.”

The Moon is also playing an interesting role in the astrology of the game because it suggests that tonight is going to be history in the making.

Francesca said: “The Moon was at 19 degrees Cancer in England’s original chart and today it’s at 19 Cancer again.

“It’s also in the 10th house, which is the house of the people and your legacy.”

Gareth Southgate is a Virgo and right now the Moon is in his 11th House and his ruler, Mercury is strong in Gemini.

Francesca said: “For Southgate, there’s a lot of promise of change, magic and doors opening.”

He’s also a life path 11 which means he has a special “intuitive vision” that will win England the trophy.

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