Jack & Aesha’s ‘Below Deck Med’ Showmance Might Not Have Been What It Seemed

Below Deck Mediterranean viewers have witneseed the burgeoning romance between second stew Aesha Scott and deckhand Jack Stirrup on Season 4. They’re even sharing the same cabin on the boat. But, how did things end up at the end of the charter season? Are they dating? Or is Aesha single after Below Deck Med?

Truthfully, Aesha has been very good about keeping spoilers to herself. She hasn’t slipped up once in interviews or on social media, which is good for her, abiding to that contract and all, but bad for the fans that just can’t help being curious about her romantic status. As far as Jack goes, he has deleted his Instagram account.

Still, it seems like Jack is in a relationship. As recently as Aug. 19, he was tagged in a photo with a woman named Kelly Hidge on Instagram. Their earliest photo is from December 2018, with the couple getting ready to celebrate the upcoming new year. Based on the captions, it is not a stretch to assume that they’re in a romantic relationship and have known each other for a while.

In the caption for the Aug. 19 photo, Kelly wrote, "When reality ain’t realistic." Could that be a dig at the reality TV storyline with Jack and Aesha? It sure seems like it. On April 11, Kelly wrote, "If you love me let me know….." in the caption for a selfie. Oh, the "L" word. This is not a casual romance. Plus, she also posted a photo for Valentine’s Day. For reference, Below Deck Med Season 4 started airing on June 3, with the season shooting months prior.

It’s clear that Jack is in a relationship right now, but the details get a little fuzzy when it comes to the timeline, which is probably why he ditched social media.

Now, the question isn’t about Jack’s current relationship status, but his status when he was filming the show. Was there some overlap there? Even the viewers are curious about the situation.

Did Jack Have A Girlfriend During Filming?

If only there was a reunion show to address this question. Unfortunately, there will not be a Below Deck Med Season 4 reunion.

Did Jack Delete Instagram Becuase Of A Relationship?

It would make sense if Jack deleted his account because of his current relationship with all of the fans shipping his onscreen romance. That would probably be tough for his current girlfriend to see in his Instagram comments.

Did Jack Take A Break From The Relationship During Filming?

A "break" would be better than possibly cheating on her.

As for Aesha, she seems to be living her best life, keeping it positive as per usual. This woman doesn’t have a shady bone in her body. But, maybe she will set the record straight once Season 4 concludes. In the mean time, it seems like Aesha will continue traveling and spending time with her close friends.

For the most part, Aesha has posted solo pics all summer. That doesn’t mean that she is single. She may just have a private life or an obligation not to spoil the Season 4 storylines. Nevertheless, it’s clear that Aesha is enjoying her life right now regardless of her relationship status.

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