‘Jeopardy!’ star James Holzhauer likely owes $1.2 million in taxes on winnings

There is more than one winner when it comes to James Holzhauer’s “Jeopardy!” streak.

The government is set to collect a cool $1.2 million in taxes from the game show juggernaut’s winnings of $2,462,216, according to The Action Network.

Holzhauer, 34, racked up the millions across 33 appearances, including the $2,000 prize he received for finishing second in his last show Monday.

The professional sports gambler lives in Nevada, but since the show takes place in California, he’s subject to that state’s taxes — which are the highest in the nation at 13.3 percent.

All told, federal and state taxes will take a 47.6 percent bite out of Holzhauer’s lump sum.

Contestants usually have to wait four months after their last episode to receive their check, but Holzhauer said he received his this week so he could take pictures with it.

He said taxes were withheld in the check he got.

Holzhauer’s streak was snapped just shy of an all-time “Jeopardy!” earnings record, set by Ken Jennings, who took home $2,522,700 across 74 straight games in 2004.

Holzhauer did, however, set the all-time record for the most money earned in a single episode — $131,127 on April 17.

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