Kailyn Confronts Vee Over Javi Drama, Reveals Why She Quit 'Teen Mom 2' for Three Months

Lowry also reveals where she stands with all three of her children's fathers — including who she's "so done" with.

Kailyn Lowry made her return to “Teen Mom 2” on Tuesday night, after taking a three month break from the show. And it didn’t take long for her to get mixed up in some brand new drama.

Her appearance started with her producer asking why she needed time away from the reality series.

“I just reached a point in my life where I felt like things that were occurring didn’t align with the work I’d been doing in therapy. Right around that time, I found out about Chris. I had no idea,” she explained, referring to Briana DeJesus linking up with her ex Chris Lopez to record a podcast together, which was filmed for the show. She said she considered her return “a trial.”

Of Chris, with whom she shares sons Lux and Creed, she said, “At this point, for coparenting, when I text, I don’t get a response, so I’m done.”

Speaking about her kids’ other fathers, she said she doesn’t speak with Jo Rivera — with whom she shares Isaac — at all. Though she believes she’s made personal growth and doesn’t “react the same way” she used to with difficult situations, Lowry feels he still treats her “like I’m the Kail from years ago.” She added that it’s “hard” to keep a friendship with his wife Vee, with whom she records the podcast Baby Mamas No Drama, but they’re able to “make it work.”

Of Javi, the father of Lincoln, she said their relationship “changes by the minute” but the two were currently in a good spot.

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But her situation with both Vee and Javi was thrown into disarray later in the hour, after she “just found out something about Vee that’s really upsetting.”

Calling Messer up on Zoom, Lowry broke down what’s been going on with Vee.

“Basically what happened is a couple months ago, [her other ex Javi Marroquin] and I got into a huge fight and he didn’t want me talking about him on my podcast with Vee and he basically alluded to her being deceitful,” she revealed. “So I texted her and Javi in a group text and I said, ‘Whatever it is, lay it all out there.'”

“So Vee comes into my office and she’s like, ‘I told Javi about your pregnancy with Lux.’ Javi told me that back 4 years ago, Vee hit him up on social media and was like, ‘I’m tired of you looking stupid, I’ll tell you everything, let’s meet up,'” she continued, saying the two met up at a Target parking lot.

It gets worse.

“She didn’t just leak my pregnancy to him, she told him, which is a complete lie, that my miscarriage that I had with him may not have been his,” Lowry continued. “But I’ve never cheated on him and that was a planned pregnancy, so for her to place doubt in his mind, that, to me, that part was unforgivable because up until this day Javi will say, ‘I don’t even know if that baby was mine.'”

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Kail decided to get to the bottom of the situation by meeting up with both Javi and Vee separately, starting with her ex.

“So why I never went to you is because we were in a bad spot,” he said, explaining why he kept their conversation a secret. “That whole divorce, that whole year … so for someone that’s, in my eyes, close to you, I’m gonna believe it. If Vee wants to own up to that, that’s on her.”

“I don’t think she is who she was four years ago,” Lowry admitted, before telling Javi that she thought she and Vee could still be friends, but maybe not business partners.

She then met up with Vee and seemed immediately ready to forgive her.

“I still love our friendship, I still want to be there for the kids. I don’t hate you,” she began, before Vee began her apology.

“I’m glad you texted me. I wish, obviously, I never did that to you, because what the f—,” she said. “I don’t know if it’s because of all the things I felt in the past, on top of having the baby and I was going through postpartum. I had nobody down here and I felt miserable.”

“I don’t know if I wanted someone else to hurt or something, which is not okay,” she added. “I would never do that to you or somebody else again. I know how deeply it hurt you.”

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“Maybe the podcast is done, maybe we weren’t meant to work together, but like I said, I still want to have a personal relationship with you,” Lowry told her, before joking they’d maybe have to change the podcast name to “Baby Mamas All Drama” if they kept the partnership. “It’s sad. I think it’s hard to mix friendships with business,” she added.

“To me, our personal relationship is way more important to me than the business,” said Vee. “We just need to do better from here on out. No mistakes, no bulls—.”

Though it seemed like they had dissolved the podcast, they’re still churning out new episodes in real life. So maybe this was just a minor bump in the road in the grand scheme of things.

“Teen Mom 2” airs Tuesdays on MTV.

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