Kanye West’s Attorneys Quit As The Lawsuits Against Him Keep Mounting

The lawsuits against Kanye West are continuing to mount, but the rapper is going to have to find new representation, as his legal team has reportedly informed him that they’re quitting.

According to Insider, Greenberg Traurig LLP has been trying to track down the rapper for months to serve him with a judge’s order that explains why the firm is terminating their professional relationship with him.

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Ye reportedly fled his primary residences and businesses, making him hard to track down. He also reportedly changed his phone number and stopped replying to messages from his lawyers.

However, the law firm eventually located him at an addressed “primarily used by persons and entities not affiliated with Ye or his businesses,” court documents reveal.

“The address at which Ye was personally served is not one that is publicly affiliated with Ye or his businesses, but one that Ye nonetheless frequents,” Greenberg Traurig explained.

The law firm has reportedly been representing Kanye in a variety of ongoing legal cases, including a class action lawsuit that claims Kanye made a copyright infringement when he sampled uncredited music in his song “Flowers.”

US District Judge Analisa Torres, who is overseeing the case, not only required Greenberg Traurig to present Ye with a withdrawal notice, but also an order that she wrote, which explains she’s allowing the firm to quit working with him.

The order also makes it clear that Kanye must find new representation to aid him in the case, or he can represent himself in court.

This isn’t the first time in recent months that Kanye’s former employees have turned on him.

He’s currently facing a lawsuit from his former manager, Thomas St. John, who claims he was fired unjustly despite a contract being in place. He filed a $4.5 million lawsuit in October for breach of contract and unpaid wages.

However, like Greenberg Traurig, Kanye’s former manager claims the rapper has been hard to track down. In December, it was reported that St. John’s legal team had been unable to locate Ye to serve him with court papers, and the case was on hold until they were able to do so.

Kanye has reportedly made various undisclosed payments to former employees over claims of workplace discrimination and toxicity. He’s also facing a number of other high-profile lawsuit, including a $250 million defamation case filed by George Floyd’s family following false remarks Ye made about his death.

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