Kate Middleton shows authentic affection for Carole at Wimbledon with relic gesture

Kate Middleton blows kiss to her parents at Wimbledon

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Kate Middleton, 40, is the patron of the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club, which runs Wimbledon each year. The Duchess of Cambridge attended the Wimbledon court for the first time in 2022 on Tuesday. Carole Middleton, 67, also attended, but for the third time so far in 2022.

What was Kate and Carole’s body language like with each other?

When the Duchess of Cambridge took her seat at Wimbledon, she was videoed blowing a kiss to her mother behind her.

What did her body language outline about their close relationship?

Judi James, a professional body language expert spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk to explain.

She said: “There are four body language gestures here that show how genuinely delighted Kate is to see her mother Carole at Wimbledon:

“Firstly there is the way that her face lights up the moment she spots her.

“This is a face-softened smile that is prompted by authentic affection.

“Then there is the blowing of the kiss.

“A gesture like this, kept small and subtle, crosses the distance between two people to register love.

“Kate tops it up with a small, sweet ‘baby-wave’ that looks like a relic gesture from a small child to its mother.”

Does the Duchess seem “relaxed” during this body language gesture?

Judi explained: “Lastly there is the body bounce.

“As a result of spotting her mother and their greeting ritual, Kate literally bounces in her seat to signal how happy she is.

“Also, how much more relaxed she feels knowing her mother is sitting close.

“We usually see Kate in her adult parental role in public.

“But here she seems to revert to the role of young daughter with her much-loved mother.”

Kate donned a gorgeous Alessandra Rich blue polka dot dress that she had previously worn during the Platinum Jubilee.

Carole turned heads with her floral outfit on Tuesday.

The mother of three has already made a few appearances at the court so far in 2022.

For Tuesday’s occasion, Carole wore a peach and grey floral dress that she paired with some Russell and Bromley block suede heels.

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