Kelly Clarkson almost takes a tumble in $2K dress

Kelly Clarkson had a bit of a misstep on Sunday.

The pop star, 37, attended the Indianapolis 500 over the weekend where she performed the national anthem. But as she was making her way to the stage, the “Stronger” singer almost took a serious tumble after tripping over something obscured by the event’s red carpet.

The “American Idol” alum had a great sense of humor about the moment, however, retweeting the video of her trip and writing, “Best part of my day is always revealing to people that might not know how utterly not cool I am. That damn crack was hidden by the carpet man!”

It didn’t help that Clarkson was wearing a long, flowing, star-spangled Temperley London wrap dress ($1,948) and some seriously high platform sandals.

Thankfully, she quickly regained her composure, mouthing “I’m OK” to the crowd and giving a quick curtsy, before knocking her performance out of the park.

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