Kevin Durant's Mom Opens Up About His Injury in Game 5 of the NBA Finals: 'He Told Me Not to Cry'

Kevin Durant is dealing with an injury once again after he appeared to tear his right Achilles tendon during Game 5 of the NBA Finals.

Monday’s game — which saw his Golden State Warriors narrowly defeat the Toronto Raptors — was Durant’s first time back on the court in over a month, after being sidelined due to a calf injury he received during the Western Conference semifinals against the Houston Rockets.

In a Wednesday interview with Good Morning America, Durant’s mom Wanda Durant said that she was initially “excited” for her son to play again following his first injury.

“I was excited for him because I know how much he loves the game and I know he’s been injured before, so I knew he wouldn’t jeopardize himself,” she said. “So when he told me he was ready to play I said, ‘Okay.’ “

Wanda, visibly emotional, then said she “just sunk” after seeing her son get injured again on Monday night, saying it was “hurtful to see the anguish in his eyes and he looked as though he felt somewhat dejected.”

After Durant, 30, was taken off the court, Wanda said she quickly got in touch with him.

“I talked to him five to 10 minutes afterwards,” she told GMA. “And he just told me not to cry. I know he worked so hard to get back to play. And he just told me he was going to be okay and don’t worry.”

Wanda also thanked Durant’s fans for their support after Monday’s game.

“To the fans all over the world who have sent us their prayers, who have contacted me over my social media, sent general responses, I’m just so grateful and our family is thankful,” Wanda shared. “And so for that, we have complete gratitude.”

“He’s having a rough time right now … but we’re going to be okay,” she added.

Durant also had celebrity support following his latest setback.

Canadian rapper Drake, who is a Raptors fan and has previously jokingly trash-talked Durant, sent the player well wishes over social media after Monday’s game.

“Was tough for any of us to even enjoy that game tonight after seeing this transpire. Praying for our brother,” Drake wrote on Instagram alongside a photo of Durant. “That’s my only concern tonight is your well being.”

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