Kim Kardashian Reveals The Tracklist & Release Date Of Kanye West’s New Album ‘Jesus Is King’

Kim Kardashian came down from on high to bring the news of Kanye West’s new album, an lo, it was good. Yeezy’s next record is called ‘Jesus Is King’, and it’ll be here sooner than we think!

Kim Kardashian didn’t write any words in the Aug. 29 tweet announcing Kanye West’s new album. Instead, the “praying hands” emoji she included said plenty. After conducting numerous “Sunrise Services,” where Kanye repurposed his old music into Christian hymns, he will release Jesus Is King on Sept. 27. It will contain twelve tracks (the number of Jesus’s disciples, btw) and the songs are: “Clade” “Garden” “Selah” “God Is” “Baptized” “Sierra Canyon” “Hands On” “Wake The Dead” “Water” “Through The Valley” “Sunday” and “Sweet Jesus.”

Along with the tracklisting, Kim’s picture included a bible open to the book of Psalm (the name of their fourth child, Psalm West.) Specifically, it was open to Psalm 57:6. “They spread a net for my feet— / I was bowed down in distress. They dug a pit in my path— but they have fallen into it themselves,” according to Also in the picture – a mason jar full of lemons, which some might take for some subtle shade towards Beyonce. There was also a flashlight, and a notepad with some notes scribbled on it.

“Defend All who calls on. He will defend and keep safe all who call his name,” Kanye(?) wrote. He also included the words “kingdom,” “lion,” “strength,” “glory,” “fire,” and “defiant against fear.” While many of Yeezy’s fans will go all DaVinci Code on this image to decipher all the clues, we know one thing for sure: we’re getting a new Kanye record on Sept. 27.

This will be Kanye’s first release since 2018’s ye, which receives mixed reviews. It also was Kanye’s least commercially successful album. Though it was certified gold by the RIAA, it only sold 156,000 copies.

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