LOL! Carrie Underwood ’Speechless’ Over Sight of Cheese Sculpture of Herself

Cheesus take the wheel! Carrie Underwood was recently presented with a cheese sculpture of herself while on tour in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and the interesting creation left the “Before He Cheats” singer at a complete loss for words.

Underwood, 36, shared a look at the cheesy bust of herself on Instagram on Thursday, June 20. “The @fiservforum outdid themselves tonight! This is me … carved into a 40 lb block of Wisconsin cheese in honor of our show here in Milwaukee!” the singer captioned a snapshot of the unique gift. “I’m speechless!!!”

The American Idol alum also added, “#CryPrettyTour360,” and, proving she had a great sense of humor about the whole thing, mused: “#WheresTheWine?”

The sculpture itself shows Underwood with a mic in her hand and mascara-stained tears running down her face, no doubt a nod to the name of her current concert tour – The Cry Pretty Tour. That moniker is also etched into the front of massive block of cheese.

The @fiservforum outdid themselves tonight! This is me…carved into a 40 lb block of Wisconsin cheese in honor of our show here in Milwaukee! I’m speechless!!! ? #CryPrettyTour360 #WheresTheWine

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What’s more? The sculpture itself is surrounded by an array of strawberries and grapes on either side. Should Underwood feel uneasy about taking a big bite out of her own face, a pile of smaller cheese cubes also rests at one side of the interesting food item.

While seeing herself sculpted in a massive hunk of cheese may have left Underwood at a loss for words, her social media followers definitely had plenty to say. “Looks sharp,” wrote one pun-prone Instagram follower. Added Zach Myers, lead singer and guitarist for The Fairwell: “We played there and they did NOT do this. Haha.”

For others, the sculpture of the Grammy winner was, well, nightmare-inducing. “This is really scary,” one follower declared. Another noted: “Ummmm I’m going to have nightmares about cheesy crying Carrie.”

As some social media users pointed out, given that Underwood tends to follow a vegan diet, she likely wasn’t even able to truly enjoy this one-of-a-kind creation. “Aren’t you a vegan?” one follower asked. “They probably should have researched a little before making this if you are a vegan!”

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