Luxury brand Ganni collaborates with Juicy Couture

All hail noughties nostalgia! Shoppers go wild as Juicy Couture releases limited edition range with cult label Ganni – but the signature tracksuit will set you back £330

  • Ganni has released a 13-style collection in collaboration with Juicy Couture
  • Includes the classic Juicy Couture velour tracksuit set, t-shirts and caps
  • Announcement on Instagram has sparked a frenzy for lovers of nostalgic trends  

From Bella Hadid stepping out in low rise jeans to Dua Lipa’s sleek hairstyle on the Versace catwalk, trends from the early 2000s have slowly made a comeback into mainstream fashion.

Copenhagen-based luxury brand Ganni has responded to the demand for noughties clothing with an exclusive 13-style collection in collaboration with Californian brand Juicy Couture – a mainstay of the 2000s.

The range includes Juicy Couture’s signature two-piece velour tracksuit (£155 for the bottoms, £175 for the zip-up hoodie), which found popularity after being worn by celebrities including Paris Hilton and Beyonce, as well as t-shirts, caps and leggings.

Trendsetters have taken to social media to reveal they are eager to purchase the designs, with sizes already selling out in numerous pieces. Prices start at £95 for a cap up to £275 for a mesh midi dress.  

Ganni has collaborated with Juicy Couture to release an exclusive 13-piece collection, available online and in Ganni stores worldwide. Pictured: ‘Blue iris’ tracksuit bottoms for £155, matching hoodie for £175

The collection takes inspiration from the aesthetics of the early 2000s, when stars including Paris Hilton and Beyonce championed the Juicy Couture brand. Pictured: Halter neck top £145 and £115 leggings 

 The 13-style collection includes t-shirts, caps, dresses, tops and leggings in certified organic and recycled materials. Pictured: Mesh midi dress £275 

Instagram photos from the announcement of the collection, which is available online and in Ganni stores have racked up almost 10,000 likes.  

One person said: ‘When my 13 year old self meets my 30 year old self collar’.

‘Omg what a statement,’ another wrote.

A third added: ‘This goes hard’.

In a nod to Paris Hilton, a fourth commented: ‘That’s hot’. 

The collaboration aims to ‘present a colourful, bold and inclusive universe, never taking themselves too seriously, encouraging self-expression and above all, having fun while doing it’. Pictured: Sweater £125 

A stream of social media users have gushed about wanting to buy the collection and have left heart emojis under photos from the campaign

Miranda Holder, who is TV & Celebrity Expert and Founder of the Feelgood Fashion Coach, told FEMAIL she wasn’t surprised that Juicy Couture has been reimagined for a new generation.

Miranda said: ‘In fashion, the most interesting looks often comprise of the most surprising pairings, which may have been the inspiration for this most unlikely collaboration with Scandi fashion darling Ganni, and noughties It girl favourite, Juicy Couture.

‘The iconic velour tracksuits have been reimagined, this time with a generous serving of Ganni’s uber-cool aesthetic and thanks to the brand’s responsibility game plan, is the most responsibly produced version to date – with fabrics made from certified organic and recycled cotton, and recycled polyester.

Ditte Reffstrup of Ganni said Juicy Couture’s velour tracksuit is ‘truly a piece of pop culture history’ and they worked to make the most responsible version yet. Pictured left: £175 hoodie, right: £175 sweatshirt and £155 sweatpants

The collection was photographed in New York by Emmie America, who has worked with brands including Calvin Klein, Louis Vuitton and Vogue

One photo from the collection shows model Sam Welsch (pictured) in a ‘blue iris’ tracksuit for £155, matching hoodie for £175 and a halter top priced at £145 


Model Parker Kit Hill (pictured centre) dons a t-shirt for £105 and mesh leggings for £115, with flip flops

‘The fashionista’s appetite for Y2K nostalgia is currently strong, with mini skirts, chokers and handkerchief tops all making a recent comeback to the high street, so it was only a matter of time before the Juicy Couture Tracksuit, doubtlessly an iconic sartorial moment in pop culture history, was given a contemporary rework and embraced wholeheartedly by Generation Z. 

‘The unusual match between the brands keeps it feeling fresh and interesting and follows several other conscious design partnerships between Ganni and other brands such as Levi’s and Vestiaire Collective.’

Celebrity Stylist, Ellis Ranson added: ‘The revival of the Noughties, will it take us a lot of courage to dig out our Velour tracksuits and low-rise denims? Or are we secretly crying out for the return of this trend? We have the GenZ’s and TikTok to thank for this. They have searched through the archives and resurfaced all of those guilty pleasures we’ve missed wearing.

Taryn Washenik of Juicy Couture said Ganni was a ‘natural fit’ to collaborate with because the brand is ‘effortlessly cool’

Ditte Reffstrup, who is Creative Director at Ganni, said they wanted to pair the essential 2000s mood and LA vibe with Ganni’s contemporary Scandi feel

‘As a stylist I’m forever searching for new brands to shop, but actually when you stop and look back at some past favourites, you really can recreate some amazing unique looks that will get your stylists the headlines. 

‘I personally loved seeing what Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton were wearing daily, no matter how wrong or crazy it was. But now celebs are slowly reintroducing these trends back to the forefront and the high street and high-end brands are following suit, including Dua Lipa and Bella Hadid.

‘I will always look back through trends and style icons and feel more inspired than I do the current trends, especially with how fast paced trends are now and how accessible everything is with social media. Street Style for example is at a high with the likes of Hailey Bieber and Megan fox leading the way (with thanks to their stylist Maeve Reily who of course does her research). 

‘It’s no surprise Juicy is resurfacing with their first go-to faces being Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton, as well as Urban Outfitters and Asos fronting Juicy’s new collection. It won’t be long until everyone is back in their best Juicy looks.

‘We always want to be one step ahead, but actually that means going back to the start and of course brands need to stay in the loop, and you can bet this season the Noughties will be bigger and better than they ever were before.’

London-based stylist to the stars Alexis Knox explained that trends go in 20-year cycles and the revival of noughties aesthetics comes from time spent looking for inspiration during lockdown.

Alexis said: ‘Trends are known to go in 20year cycles. Typically those that lived their youth in the 00s have now evolved into influential creators that are nostalgic and binging on their own child hoods for inspiration.

Another photo from the collection shows models wearing the midi dress for £275, logo cap for £95 and a long sleeve sweater for £125

‘Alongside a generation that now have a digital time capsule in their finger tips with Pinterest and Instagram being a breeding ground for inspiration and references of icons for the 90s & 00s, for example the queen of influencers, Kim Kardashian, reminiscing on her years in Y2K hanging out with her bestie Paris Hilton.

‘All the brands we grew up idolising; like juicy couture, Ed Hardy, Von Dutch, are back – Re-sell sites like Depop make it easier than ever to track them down, And the fight for sustainable fashion has thrift shopping on the rise.

‘For every trend that fades the next trend is always a counter trend, people rebel against what they see in their feeds and the day to day. In order to feel unique and individual are doing the polar opposite; sick of having lived and breathed an idea for perhaps years, such as skinny high waisted jeans out, in true 00s style they are out and baggy low rise jeans in.

‘Digital high res bathroom selfies now feel contrived and blurry in the moment photo dumps are hitting up Instagram….a digital version of getting your disposable cameras images back after a messy 00s night out.

‘After two years of lockdown, living in lounge wear and stalking the internet for inspiring icons of the 00s people are finally able to dress up and go out out in our own version of the roaring 20s.’

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