Maisie Williams Identifies With This Game of Thrones Character the Most — It's Not Arya!

With the Game of Thrones finale looming in the distance like a horde of White Walkers, I know I’m already feeling pretty nostalgic even if the show isn’t technically over yet. In a recent interview with SSENSE, Maisie Williams — aka Arya Stark, aka the most badass assassin in Westeros — reminisced about playing Arya for nearly a decade and discussed what she plans to do after the show ends. Among other things, including her passion for making dolls and dyeing her own hair, Williams opened up about which character she identifies with most. (Hint: It’s not Arya!)

While Williams has done an incredible job playing the teenage vigilante, the character she relates to most might come as a surprise. “I identify with Samwell Tarly — he has this low view of himself but is still doing incredible things and has had this whole journey,” Williams explained. “And in some ways, I identify with Jon Snow, in that everyone says to him, ‘You’re the King of the North’ and he’s like, ‘I’ve never wanted to be a king.’ Particularly coming to the end of the show, everyone’s saying to me now, ‘You’re going to be a hugely successful actor now. You have to act. That’s what you’ve been born to do,’ and I’m like, ‘But no one’s seen me do anything else.’ Maybe I’m going to make really dope dolls. Who knows?”

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