Man believes he found drainage hole in Pot Noodles so you can ditch water

Brits were shocked when a Reddit poster shared a snap of his Pot Noodle claiming that there’s a “drain water” hole in the base last week.

The anonymous lad shared a snap of his snack and the hole covered by foil at the bottom of the pot.

But, not everything is as it seems….

Writing in the CasualUK forum, the bloke said: “I was today years old when I discovered the 'drain water' feature in the new design of Pot Noodles.”

He theorised that there was a pre-made hole in the bottom of Pot Noodles that Brits can drain excess water through.

Over 7,000 people liked the post and more than 600 commented.

One person wrote: “Noodle juice is the best part.”

While another joked: “Sweet you can shotgun a pot noodle.”

A third said: “Drink your f***ing noodle juice you heathen.”

And a fourth added: “Love the dregs best bit,” while another added: “You gotta be s***ing me? Wtf would they do that? Wasting the gravy is a sacrilege!”

“Evacuate flavour here,” said another while a fan added: “This is news to me, but… I always found that the lip of the pot noodle pot was pretty shaggy.

“I always scratched my lips drinking the dregs… if I can shotgun them instead from the base… maybe it’s a good thing.”

“S**t the bed,” exclaimed another.

But one distrusting fan added: “Call me suspicious, but that hole isn’t on any of the pot noodles I have here, and there’s no mention – or pictures – of a ‘new design’ on the pot noodle website.”

When the Daily Star reached out to Pot Noodle they confirmed that there is a new design and there is no drainage hole.

So, unfortunately for eager Pot Noodle juice lovers… it seems the image is a fake.

Would you prefer Pot Noodles to have this feature? Tell us in the comments below…

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