Man finds ‘creepy’ secret doorway with stairs hidden in kitchen cupboard

A normal-looking kitchen turned out to be hiding a secret passageway inside one of the cabinets – with a video of the hidden doorway branded "creepy" on social media.

Flat hunter Jamie Wilkes was startled when he came across the escape route while having a look around, later posting a video on Twitter and saying he hadn't been able to get it off his mind.

In the clip, he pans the camera around the mundane-looking kitchen with wooden style counters.

He then flips open one of the countertops, revealing it is a hinged doorway that leads to a secret passageway with stairs unexpectedly leading down to a rear exit.

Jamie captioned the clip with: "Viewed a flat today and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to stop thinking about the back door…"

The video has since been watched more than 3 million times and many viewers joked the set-up reminded them of a villain's secret lair or a mob boss hideaway.

One person commented: "I immediately thought of the secret passage in Cluedo."

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"I can't decide whether that's super creepy or super cool," said a second viewer.

Another person tweeted: "Meanwhile, someone breaking in through the back door will make a lot of noise if a few plates and glasses are left on top of that thing on a nightly basis so… free house alarm?"

Someone else commented: "I love that kinda quirkiness in properties.

"I've always wanted a bookcase that opens to a secret room."

This comes after a baffled family found an entirely new room hidden in their house despite living there for more than three years and not noticing the missing space.

In another spooky find, a homeowner discovered a secret panic room or perhaps a large safe after more than five years living there.

The man-sized hideaway had an entrance concealed in the interior brickwork so you wouldn't be likely to find it unless you knew exactly where to look.

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