Meghan is stuck – if she tries to contact her family they will just sell stories

The root of Meghan Markle's problems with her family is money, a Royal expert has said.

After they "got rich" from her situation, things can never been the same again for her and Prince Harry, according to Tessa Dunlop.

“Obviously what's happened is they've all taken the dime," she revealed exclusively to OK!, "in a way that Kate Middleton’s family have all kind of got rich from her being in the Royal family."

She continued: “But they’ve kind of made it work [the Middleton family], that's a functional version of what could be called ‘cashing in on loyalty’ in a discreet fashion.

"It's all kind of gone horribly wrong in the case of Megan's family.”

After the lawsuit brought by Samantha Markle against her half-sister, Meghan Markle, was dismissed by US judge earlier this year, it's safe to say the family aren't on the best of terms.

Tessa reveals that trust is the key component in any relationship, and says of Samantha Markle and Meghan: "Obviously with the pushy Princess book, then she tried to sue her recently and it failed, there’s a lot of bad blood there, more than sibling rivalry one feels, bitter with the father.”

She adds: “If these family members are paying to have their stories publicised then there's a breakdown in trust there, just as there is with the royal family.”

It's not just Meghan's family that's at fault though, Harry's memoir and the Royal Family's silence on the matter have caused hurt on both sides.

Tessa continues: “And it’s kind of being reflected back at them what the Royal Family I presume, although they never articulate what they're feeling, but one presumes is hurt around Harry, flogging a memoir at their expense and likewise, you've got Thomas Markle and Samantha Markle doing a similar thing, which is why you've got disfunction on both sides.”

Although we don’t know exactly what went on between Meghan and her family, she thinks that a lack of trust is to blame, as she says: “I mean, if you think somebody's gonna sell their story about you, that is quite fundamental to relationship with trust being one of the main components of a relationship, if you don't trust someone, then how do you move forward? And how do you maintain an intimate relationship with someone?

“Ideally Meghan would make up with him (her father), but I don’t think she will if she thinks he will talk to the papers, so I think it's a bit of a vicious circle, in which I can't see a winner on either side”.

Meghan's complicated upbringing and different identity may also have contributed to the dysfunction, as Tessa says: “Obviously, there was complexities as well around her growing up, she had a different identity, a different sense of self from the white side of her family.”

Tessa has some advice for Harry and Meghan though, adding: “They have to watch out a bit, Harry and Meghan because they seem to practice what they preach and compassion is one of their messages, so I would caution there”.

Tessa believes this is especially important in light of Meghan’s father’s ill health. “They're two able bodied, young people with much of their life ahead of them and a healthy young family and the optics might improve, they could throw out an olive branch (to Meghan’s father)”.

Asking Tessa how Harry and Meghan might feel about Meghan's family's recent bombshell interview with Australian TV, she said: “I shouldn't think that they're that surprised.

“Because they’ve published their own narrative, we’re all telling our truths, so if Harry and Meghan are going to tell their truth, arguably, Thomas Markle was within his right to tell his truth."

Tessa warns that the family drama is starting to discredit Harry and Meghan's moral high ground. After all, there's dysfunction on both sides of the family.

As for Meghan’s sister Samantha, Tessa doesn’t think she has any idea about Harry and Meghan’s relationship as they haven’t seen each other in years. She says: “She doesn’t have anymore idea than you and me about their relationship.

“They [Samantha and Meghan] clashed in a legal setting, I think their relationship is probably as rock bottom as it can be."

As Tessa says, "Don't go to court if you want to have bad relationships with your family."


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