Meghan Markle adopted nervous gesture from Kate after her wedding day

The Duchess of Sussex adopted one of Kate Middleton’s nervous habits after her wedding day, a behavioural analyst has claimed. Meghan Markle was spotted using the gesture as an act of protection when she arrived at Buckingham Palace to mark Charles’ 70th birthday in May 2018, explained body language expert Judi James.

During the event, the Duchess carried her clutch as a “small body barrier”, a gesture she have deployed strategically to conceal her stomach area.

It is believed that Meghan may have wanted to avoid being asked questions about when she would have a baby, having only just got married, according to James.

The expert explained: “There’s an air of grown-up elegance and glamour about Meghan’s Audrey Hepburn-chic outfit and although she’s teamed it with some perfectly poised and rather high-status body language as she walks with Harry it’s also great to see the more accessible, down-to-earth giggle and undeniably happy version of the new HRH is still very much on display too.

“With her head shaded by her large, angled hair she holds Harry’s arm for balance as she descends the stairs in her heeled court shoes.”

The clutch bag is a favourite of Kate’s, who was well known for using the accessory as a shield after marrying into the royal family, according to James.

“The clutch bag was a favorite of Kate Middleton’s and like Kate, she carried it as a small body barrier just below her waist,” noted the expert. “That clutch bag positioning could be strategic.”

She explained: “One annoying and embarrassing trait once you marry is that everyone starts asking when you’re going to have a baby and attention does start to focus on the tummy area.

“Her more demure pose here puts Harry back into the same alpha role that we saw when he backed around his new bride to usher her into the E-type after the wedding ceremony.”

Interest in Harry and Meghan’s offspring had started to take hold in the days leading up to the pair’s nuptials and gave rise to commentary on the 37-year-old’s chances of fertility.

Data records, for instance, show there were just over 4.5 million Google results relating to the words: ‘Meghan Markle baby’.

By the time Harry and Meghan were expecting their first child, the couple was quite firm in keeping the exact plans for their baby’s arrival private.

Many expected the Duchess of Sussex to follow in the footsteps of Kate Middleton and Princess Diana, by introducing the newborn to the world with a photo call outside, but the pair instead chose to hold a photocall at Windsor Castle.

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