Meghan Markle Chose a Very Meaningful Outfit For Her First TV Appearance Since Leaving the Royal Family

Meghan Markle recently enjoyed her first television appearance since leaving the royal family. Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, had a cameo on Good Morning America where she promoted her new documentary, Elephant. Royal watchers were eager to see Meghan return to the public spotlight, but there is one expert who believes her choice of clothing was very meaningful.

The Duchess of Sussex enjoys first TV appearance since Megxit

Meghan Markle’s first television appearance happened on Good Morning America on April 20. The Duchess of Sussex was shown in a pre-recorded video discussing her documentary and the important cause it highlights.

Meghan narrated the nature documentary last summer, though it didnot premiere on Disney+ until after her exit from the royal family became official.

In the video, Meghan Markle wore a simple white shirt completewith some personalized jewelry. This includes a horoscope pendant fromSuetables, a company that specializes in sustainable accessories. The pendantincluded the Virgo star, which is from Harry’s birth month.

She also displayed a necklace that featured a Taurus charm, which is a reference to her son, Archie Harrison’s, birthday.

Meghan’s fashion choices for the video were very modest andcompletely different from what she would have worn during a public engagementas a senior member of the royal family.

Inside Meghan Markle’s new look

Style expert Susie Hasler, who owns Styled By Susie, revealed whyMeghan chose that particular outfit for her first TV appearance. According to DailyMail, Hasler believes Meghan’s look was very “masculine”and that she was sending a subtle signal that “she’s in charge.”

“Meghan choosing to wear a white shirt for her charityappearance marks a conscious shift away from the typical, conservative royallook,” Hasler explained. “It’s a masculine style, which shows she’sin charge, and asserting her power.”

Hasler added that Meghan Markle did not wear anything flashy because she did not want to take attention away from the charity. Instead, she wanted viewers to know that her sole focus moving forward is charity work.

Her modest style also reflects the line of clothing she launchedlast year with the charity Smart Works. The initiative was created with thegoal of empowering women who are looking to start a career.

Although Meghan and Harry are both dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, the Sussexes will continue their charitable work in the years to come. They recently announced the name of their new foundation, Archewell, which replaces Sussex Royal.

What are Prince Harry and Meghan Markle doing in LA?

Meghan and Harry flew to Los Angeles at the end of March. They had been living on Vancouver Island and moved right before the United States and Canada shut down their borders (there is a debate on exactly when they landed in LA).

The Sussexes’ departure from the monarchy became official onMarch 31. Before the pandemic, they planned on launching their new charity andmoving forward with new projects. The current crisis, however, has delayed allof their plans.

At the moment, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry and helping out inthe coronavirus pandemic by giving back to people in need. According to Harper’sBazaar, the two recently handed out food packages to individuals whoare immunocompromised.

“Meghan said is she wanted to show Harry Los Angeles throughthe eyes of philanthropy. There’s obviously a great deal of love and selflessnessbetween them,” Richard Ayoub, the director of Project Angel Food, revealed.

An inside source added that Meghan and Harry spend most of their evenings at home with Archie. The two have not invited any guests to their house due to the lockdown.

The Sussexes video call Queen Elizabeth on her birthday

While Harry and Meghan are starting their new lives in LA, the rest of the royal family has been hunkering down in the United Kingdom. Queen Elizabeth is currently staying at Windsor Castle with her husband, Prince Philip, while Prince Charles is at his Balmoral estate with Camilla Parker Bowles.

With the Sussexes being thousands of miles away during a crisis,fans have been wondering if they are staying in contact with the royals.According to Townand Country, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been video chattingwith his side of the family and even wished Queen Elizabeth a happy 94thbirthday.

Harry also reportedly reached out to Her Majesty ahead of herspeech in March about the coronavirus pandemic. Sources say that he offered“his support ahead of the broadcast.”

The couple subsequently watched Queen Elizabeth’s speech and were“moved” by her “warmth, reassurance, and comfort.”

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are currently laying low in LA, and it has been confirmed that they will release a new image of Archie Harrison in honor of his first birthday on May 6.

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