Model earns fortune by eating yoghurt and lathering entire naked body in it

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    New day, new fetish.

    And this is no ordinary kink as it's one that'll get you seriously messy.

    A model spilled the beans on the latest obsession which involves her slathering her naked body in yoghurt.

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    My.Club model Malvina got into the fetish after enjoying some dairy for lunch one day.

    Now speaking to Daily Star, the model explained how it's helped her pocket a lot of money.

    She admitted: "It was me who first came up with the idea.

    "I remember once I had a bottle of yogurt with me for lunch, and I was in an exciting mood.

    "I looked at the yogurt, and it looked back at me, and for some reason, I imagined covering my body with it!"

    Not only does the yoghurt fetish earn her the big bucks, it also makes her skin feel much softer.

    And when it comes to requests, Malvina has seen it all.

    She explained: "It is spectacular to work with yogurt – it is more viscous than oil, looks great on the body and tasty.

    "Some of my fans love my nude photos and videos when using yogurt, some like to watch yogurt spread over my skin."

    It's the most popular request she's had to deal with, although some clients ask for foot fetish and oil shows.

    Malvina also claimed clients give her gifts in the form of lunch or dinner.

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    She detailed: "Food also occupies a special place in my work – users often give me gifts in the form of lunch or dinner.

    "I share my culinary masterpieces on My.Club and create content involving food and themed cooking shows.

    "I love expressing my creativity through food and my fans love me for that – it's not just about showing my body."

    Malvina won't reveal how much she earns from the fetish, but joked it's enough to stock her fridge with yoghurt.

    The model continued: "I go through a LOT of yogurt and I use good quality stuff… not the cheap grocery store brand.

    "This type of show is my highlight, one of my features. It helps distinguish my club from the rest and brings in new fans."

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