Model shares her unusual beauty secret for striking eyes

Makeup brushes cleaning hack using a pillow case

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Nykita is a model and former makeup artist who has left fans in awe after showing her quick and easy eyeliner hack for smokey, “defined” eyes. Nikita, who shares videos on her TikTok page @neoitgirl, showed off the tutorial while getting ready for a photoshoot.

“We are going for early Calvin Klein vibes,” she explained as she added a thick rim of dark eyeliner around her eyes. “I haven’t even washed my face, she said. “But there is a method to my madness.”

Instead of beginning her makeup after washing and cleansing, Nykita reveals that she actually puts her eyeliner on first. “Now, we wash our face,” she said once her eyeliner pencil is applied. “It’s one of the best tricks”.

The hack creates a slightly smudged and subtle eyeliner look, which resembles leftover makeup from the previous day. Nykita’s video has amassed 395.8K “likes” from followers, with other TikTok creators going on to recreate the look themselves.

London-based professional make-up artist Aoife, who shares videos on the TikTok page @aoifeartist, applauded the move, saying: “This is my everyday no-makeup, makeup look. By the way, Nykita, I love you.”

@aoifeartist #stitch with @Nykita Jy it’s like waking up with a tiny bit of eye makeup left over and it EATS #makeupartist #makeuphack ♬ Chopin Nocturne No. 2 Piano Mono – moshimo sound design

She continued: “I do this all of the time. It is literally the best beauty secret for defined striking eyes with zero effort.”

The makeup artist explained that she occasionally changes up the colour of the eyeliner she uses to further emphasise her eyes. “I like to use a warm brown one sometimes because it makes my eyes look really blue,” she said.

“But I also love using black because when I wash it off it goes grey and it makes my eyes look grey, but it looks good on all eye colours.

“I take a cotton pad and a bit of micellar water and take it off, then it looks like that. So good.”

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Much like the model, Aofie then continues doing the rest of her makeup once the desired smudged eyeliner effect has been achieved.

Aofie told fans that even when she is going to bed, she sometimes makes use of the trend. In a comment, she wrote: “Sometimes I leave a little on when removing cos I know I will look so hot the next morning.”

Video viewers were left in awe of the trend, with one person posting under the username Ocean, writing: “So THIS is why I love how I look when I sleep in my makeup and wash it off sloppily the next day!”

Another viewer added: “That’s why my eyes look so good after a good little cry.”

Speaking on the trend, Saffron Hughes, a resident makeup artist for, said: “It’s thanks to the staying power of 21st-century makeup that sometimes, even after washing our face before bed, eye makeup can still remain the next day.

“This hack is all about subtlety and refinement and that is achieved by essentially not removing your eye makeup fully.

“By leaving just a small amount of dark eyeliner, the eye appears more enhanced and brighter, creating contrast between the eyeliner colour and the whites of your eyes.

“Often after washing our face, remaining eyeliner residue can remain on your upper and lower lash line and the smokiness gives the illusion of a fuller lash line.”

However, for those who aren’t keen on the process of applying makeup and then immediately washing it off, Saffron has an alternative method to achieve the same look. She explained: “If you’re not into the process of applying makeup then immediately washing it off, you can achieve a similar look by tight-lining your eyes and smudging the eye lightly with your ring finger.”

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