Morrisons shopper shares an easy hack to save up to £3,000 a year on groceries

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Supermarkets including Tesco, Asda, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s will regularly share offers to help Britons save. One shopper explained how she saves on her grocery shopping.

Posting on a money saving forum, mother-of-two Amy shared the savvy hacks that had helped cut the cost of her weekly shop.

She revealed her grocery shop had dropped by up to £60 a week, meaning she could save over £3,000 each year.

“I used to spend £80 to £100 a week on food and I’ve managed to halve that to £40 or £50 a week,” she told

“I meal plan around yellow sticker shopping and just buy what need full price.

“I don’t like paying full price so I always hunt for bargains first.

“On Sundays, I raid the fridge and make what I can. I chop carrots up that have seen better days and freeze them, make chips out of potatoes and I freeze what I can.”

Most supermarkets mark down the price of unwanted products at the end of the day.

These items can be identified by yellow labels and customers can pick up food for a fraction of the price.

The shopper explained she will look for these each week, usually in Morrisons stores.

Amy continued: “I nip to Morrisons and I spend a few quid in the reduced bit. I’ve found Sundays the best day to go around 3pm.

“I find great deals like 5p salad, 5p blueberries and chicken pieces for 60p.

“I also do a top-up shop of around £5 mid-week again, raiding the reduced bit for bread and milk if needed.”

Using the cheap finds, Amy will then plan what meals she can make that week.

The mother-of-two will then write a grocery list based on making meals around the bargain items.

She explained doing this has helped her cut down on the price of her shopping.

“Once home, I raid the cupboards and the freezer to think of meal plans,” she added.

“I use what I can in the kitchen, then I make a list of what I need, always keeping my shop around £40.”

Batch cooking her meals also helps the savvy shopper make her food go further.

She said: “I get it delivered at the beginning of the week and then when I make meals, I batch cook what I can.

“A cheap and yummy meal that you can batch cook is a bacon hotpot.”

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