Mrs Hinch fans share easy £1 cleaning trick which makes patio slabs look new

Every house proud person knows that no matter how much time you spend keeping your home clean and tidy there are areas which are harder to scrub up.

And, your garden paving stones are one of them.

After all, it’s not a small job to stop grime, moss and plants from growing on the surface or in the cracks.

Plus, replacing paving stones can be extremely expensive!

But, what can you do to make your patio’s look like new without forking out for a jet washer?

Fans of cleaning influencer Mrs Hinch shared their clever tips on social media, reports the Express.

Sophie Hinchliffe has over 4.1million Instagram followers who adore her for her clever cleaning and organisation tips.

Hundreds of Facebook groups have popped up in recent years to connect Mrs Hinch fans and let them share their best tricks and advice.

On one such page, a woman asked: “Does anyone have any tips for cleaning patios please?

“I tried applying the Pink Stuff cream cleaner to the tiles on the right and scrubbing with a brush but it hasn’t made that much difference.”

They shared some snaps of their mucky patio slabs to show off the problem.

And, hundreds of cleaning obsessives replied.

The top advice was to use soda crystals which can be bought from Savers for just £1!

One person said: “Sprinkle soda crystals over them then brush in water with a hard brush.

“Leave overnight and brush off next day.”

Another added: “Soda crystal powder.”

A third wrote: “Soda crystals – and it stops the moss from forming.”

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When asked if you needed to add the soda crystals to water first a helpful woman responded: “Yes hot water.

“Then pour the water over the slabs with a hard broom, brush it over.

“Trying it a couple of times if need be.”

Your slabs will look fresh and new!

Other Mrs Hinch fans suggested using bleach and cold water, but you should be careful doing this as bleach can stain clothing and can damage plant life if there's any run off.

One person replied to the post: “Paint on thick bleach and leave overnight.”

Another gardening fan said: “Bleach needs to be used with cold water.”

A third added: “Bleach, but wear old clothes!”

A fourth wrote: “Hot kettle water for the weeds and bleach the slabs. Leave for a bit then rinse.”

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