Mum leaves son alone for 45 seconds to use toilet, finds him crying on treadmill

Kids – can’t live with them, can’t live without them.

You also really can’t trust them to not make a mess in the toilet or to not get into trouble while you use the loo yourself.

One mum left her toddler by himself for just a few seconds before chaos ensued.

Madeline Valdivia from Chicago, Illinois left her kiddie Samuel alone in the room so she could go to the bathroom, and when she came back from using the toilet ‘for 45 seconds’ she rushed to the aid of the toddler who had somehow ended up on a treadmill.

The one-year-old hadn’t just managed to step onto the exercise equipment, he ended up unwittingly going for a run (mood).

In a hilarious clip shared on Twitter, Samuel is seen petrified, holding onto dear life as the speed gets too much for him.

Mum Madeleine then runs to him to slow the pace down, at which point an amused Samuel seems ready to go again.

Her son is always doing ‘silly, crazy things like this’, she told Mashable.

‘He likes to go on the walker and press start,’ she added.

‘He can’t reach the speed settings yet. The reason it was going fast is that my little brother was just on it and left it in a different setting so it automatically switched speeds after a minute of him clicking start!’

Of course, Samuel’s crying face became an instant hit with Twitter users who hailed the kiddo an icon.

They had plenty of captions to go with the clip, such as: ‘Going to the gym when you’d rather be home ordering food and watching SVU’ and ‘When you trynna stay healthy but hate every second of it [sic]’.

‘Everyone that goes to the gym can relate to this situation,’ quipped another.

As often happens when mums post about something amusing happening to their child, Madeline was met with some criticism.

Some wondered how she had time to grab a camera and film the event, while others said she shouldn’t be laughing at his misfortune.

A quick run never hurt anyone, right?

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