Mum reveals hack to get her kids to help out around the house

Getting kids to help out with chores around the house is a bit of a chore in itself.

One mum has a genius solution to encourage kids to do a little more to help.

The mum posted a picture on Facebook of a pinboard with plastic sandwich bags pinned to it.

Each bag was labelled with a chore and contained a different around of money.

Payment ranges from 50c (27p) to $2 (£1.09)

The Australian mum wrote: ‘Trying something new tomorrow my kids can choose to earn money if they wish and the value of working for your money.’

The chores included everything from cleaning the bathroom to cleaning up and feeding pets.

The post attracted thousands of comments, including advice from other parents about what they do to get their kids to pick up more jobs.

‘I do something similar and then match dollar for dollar on whatever is banked. Been doing this since he was six,’ wrote one person.

Others said they did something similar but on a budget, using treats like access to wifi and more time watching TV as rewards.

Another uses an app called Spriggy instead of an actual pinboard.

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