Mum uses sanitary towels and vanilla essence to make home smell nice

Air fresheners, room sprays, and diffusers can all cost you a pretty penny.

However, there are ways to reduce the cost of home fragrance and still get your house smelling great.

One parent shared her unique hack on a Facebook group called Cleaning Tips and Tricks, which didn’t cost her a single penny.

She said: ‘Seasons greetings, I’m doing a clean up as we have visitors tonight to bring in the New Year, I like to soak cotton wool in vanilla essence and put them in secret lil spots, smelt but not seen…. 

‘BUT no cotton wool, soooo used (had to edit) new panty liners splashed some vanilla essence on it and can stick them under furniture or couch and they stick really good.’

Over 2,000 people have liked the hack, with many saying they do similar with items like vacuum bags.

As sanitary towels and panty liners tend to have absorbent cores to them, these air fresheners might not be super long-lasting (as they’re specifically designed to remove smells).

Similarly, vanilla essence contains a lot of sugar, so could eventually attract flies or other insects.

That said, this is a great way to scent your home before guests come over (when that can eventually happen).

Alternatively you could use an essential oil on the towels, which can be bought for just a few pounds and last a long time. Peppermint or eucalyptus are particularly refreshing.

Now the UK’s ‘tampon tax’ has been abolished, pads are a bit cheaper too. Just make sure not to forget where they are, as finding a random old sanitary towel in your cupboards months down the line will be a very strange shock.

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