Mum who earns less than £25k a year shares tips after paying off mortgage at 40

A trip to the supermarket can often be a time-consuming experience.

Food nowadays is expensive with many Brits offering money saving hacks to help with the cost of living crisis.

Now one mum revealed her tricks as she managed to pay off her mortgage by the age of 40.

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Gemma Bird, known as Money Mum to her 324,000 Instagram fans, never earned more than £25,000 a year.

Sharing her advice, the mum-of-two says it's all down to mindset, reports BirminghamMail.

She said: "Take your time to shop. think about your hourly rate at work when it comes to shopping

"Say it's £10 an hour and you spend an extra hour in the supermarket, helping you to save £30, that's equivalent to three hours work."

Gemma claims it's like burning calories at the gym.

She continued: "If you stop and think how long it's taken you to earn a tenner, would you throw it away so quickly?

"It's really good to get your mindset used to what you're earning compared to what you are spending."

The mum is calling for money management classes to be included on the national curriculum as she believes introducing an understanding of good financial choices early is key.

She explained: "Why are we not teaching mortgages, what to do if you get into debt, how much something costs, how to save, what to do when you get your first wage?

"My parents instilled in me that if you want something you’ve got to work and save up for it."

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Gemma, whose done loads of jobs, says it's all about the choices you make.

She went on: "Do you want to have a takeaway once a week or do you think that could be £40 a week and so £200 a month off my mortgage? You might be able to reduce it from 25 years to 18 years if you put your mind to it."

Her book Money Mum Official – Save Yourself Happy is full of practical advice on saving money on food, energy bills and days out with the kids.

Listen to her top 10 tips on the podcast where you'll find additional money-saving episodes too.

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